Monday, December 15, 2008

Marshmallow Snowman


Happy Monday to you!

Here's a cute idea I found here on the wonderful world-wide web. There is no picture on the web, but here's my version. I'm going to help the Jessica's class (and hopefully, Amy's when I hear back from her teacher) make these on Friday. I've copied and pasted what you'll need below the picture. The only things I added were mini chocolate chips for the eyes, Kissables for the nose, (though maybe mini ones would have been better) and the plate to put it on. I got regular frosting and put a spoonful in a baggie with the corner snipped off. You use the frosting to attach the pieces. The "snow" at the bottom is leftover frosting with some sprinkles.The scarf is pull apart Twizzlers that I picked up at Target (only because Walmart was out).



Marshmallow Snowman

Three large marshmallows
Tube of white icing with small tip
Miniature M&M's
Red skinny licorice
1 toothpick
1 pretzel stick
1 Hershey kiss

Place three marshmallows together with icing and toothpicks. Count out M&M's (your choice of number). Add dots of icing to glue on candy. Break the pretzel stick in half for arms. The kiss becomes the hat and wrap the licorice around neck for scarf


I think it will be lots of fun for the kids to make, don't you?

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to post another cute project we will be making for Brownies and Daisies this week.

Have a great day. Stay warm if you are in a cold climate. It was -9 when I took Amy to school this morning...BRRRRRRRRRRRR



Ratzlaff Reflections said...

Hey girl!! Was that YOU who won over at Jessica's blog? Oh my gosh!! If so, congrats!! If not . . . then you have a twin.

Anke said...

Love the marshmallow creation, totally cute! I don't know how you do it all!

Kathi Carlson said...

CUTE! Thanks for the idea, too! This one might top Grandpa's snowman pancakes (that just look like blobs to me)!