Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

Happy Tuesday morning to you! I have some bunnies to show you today, as if the title of my post didn't alert you to that.

First off, here are a couple of bunnies I made for the girls this past weekend. They are little like the kitty I showed you last week, about 4 inches tall. They come complete with hats!

100_5350 100_5349

The girls are quite happy with them. They have also gone through my book and picked out various other critters for me to make for them, so don't be surprised to see these little guys continue to show up!

This letter to Santa appeared late last week (the class has been working on friendly letters):100_5354

Well, Santa's little helper got busy trying to find some bunny slippers. This is NOT the time of year to be finding them. If she had asked the Easter Bunny, I'm sure there would have been a plethora to choose from. Had she asked for Cars slippers (oh why can't she be fixated on those this year?), success would have been so very simple. But alas, a pair of bunny slippers is what she appears to really want.

So, I give you the first of two slippers made by momma elf.

100_5351 100_5352 100_5353

Momma Elf can only work on these when the girls aren't around. Momma Elf was worried that she wouldn't finish in time, so she she was supremely relieved when the girls headed next door to play with the neighbor boy for a couple of hours. She got one slipper base finished while they were out. But Momma Elf was still worried, because in addition to making these, she still had presents to wrap. So, Momma Elf snuck off to Archiver's last night to get an extra hour or so in of crocheting until the girls went to bed. Then Momma Elf came home and got to work finishing up the bunny's face for one slipper. She woke up early this morning to get the one finished and thinks it is seriously cute! She is confident now that she can finish up the other slipper tonight (and if she's lucky, the girls will go to the neighbor's house again for a bit). Momma Elf's only concern is that these are not what Amy had in mind. But hopefully, if they are not, she can be told that Santa's elves had to make a very special pair just for her since bunny slippers are the Easter Bunny's specialty, right? Momma Elf sure hopes that these will suffice.

Momma Elf will close for now, so this can get posted before Amy wakes up. Thank goodness she doesn't read my blog! But I couldn't wait to share this because I'm tickled pink that I have been able to muster up something. I used a basic slipper base and finagled the head based on what I've been making recently.

I hope the magic of the season is alive and well for you!



Clearly Inspired said...

These are great! Boy, your bunnies multiply like real rabbits....LOL!

I bet the girls love them!

Merry Christmas!

Felicia Fernandez said...

They are absolutely adorable!!! She will just love them and you for being a super elf!

Dawn said...

You are so clever!!

Happy and Healthy and Safe Holidays to you and your family!!


Erin said...

These are DARLING, Jeanne! I love them & the pom pom tails are just right :) Amy is going ot love these and Jess is gonna be hounding you for days till you make her a pair! LOL!.... there's always Easter! Buwahahaha!



Barb W said...

Jeanne! How cute are these?? I am so impressed!! You are just a crocheting machine! I love the bunny slippers. Momma Elf has been busy indeed!

Carol said...

They are so adorable. You are just too clever.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Gloria said...

LOVE THE BUNNIES!! You are certainly on a roll woman.. She is going to LOVE them.

gloria in Utah :)

Kathi Carlson said...

Those little critters just keep getting cute - and seem to multiply faster than real rabbits! The sweet letter to Santa brought tears to my eyes - a keeper for certain. As for mama elf's efforts, those slippers are looking great.