Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Apple for the Teacher

Hi! I'm back again. LOL I finished up an apple for the teacher. I will be making a second one so the girls can give them to their teachers later this week.100_5303

I simply thought it too cute to resist. For those of you who are wondering how I am getting these things done. First of all, they are small projects and I can crochet them up pretty quickly. Second of don't want to see the state of my house these days! LOL This is the last week of school before winter break, so once I get through this week, I can focus on keeping up with the house again. (yea, right...I'm having way more fun making these critters) It helps that I have a fairly tolerant family. The girls are loving playing with the goodies I'm making, and my hubby? Well, he just shakes his head in bewilderment. LOL

I have to give a weather report. I know you most likely don't care, but I think it's impressive. On Saturday our temps were in the upper 60s, which is pretty wild for December. On Sunday, however, we didn't get above zero! I heard it was -15 at the airport (official weather station) as a high! Yep, that's quite a shock to the system. This morning I heard we got as low as -19. When I took Amy to school it was -9 according the to gauge in the van. When I took Jess a bit later, it was 0. Picking them up it was 2! I got a phone call from the school district saying that they are having problems with the busses because of the temps. I guess they were going to be running late to get kids home. We are to watch in the morning to see if there is even school tomorrow!

Then as I was waiting to pick the girls up outside the kindergarten, parents were telling me that there was NO heat in the kindergarten wing today! Oh my goodness! Jessica said she was fine. I guess they moved them to other parts of the building. What is sad is this is the newly constructed wing (built the year Amy was in kindergarten). I wouldn't have expected the heat not to work on that end of the school. I also heard one of the busses was stuck on a main street for two hours due to road conditions.

Pretty wild, huh?

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by. I hope I am not boring you with these projects.



Carol said...

I loooove your apple for the teachers, how cute.
I am interested in your weather reports, but a bit confused, are you talking Celsius or F?

Kathy said...

Jeanne, what weather we are having! Yesterday it was 51 degrees F when I took the girls to their Doctor appointments! Most all the snow and ice we got melted! Yahoo!

Of course the girls are disappointed as they want to play in the snow with their new snowpants. LOL.

Clearly Inspired said...

Wow! You sure are creative, Jeanne! This apple is so cute! Great job!

Kathi Carlson said...

Love, love, love this apple! Perfect for teachers. As for your weather, it's probably worse than ours - psychologically, at least. In this deep freeze, a little warmth would give me hope - only, most likely, to be disappointed again.