Friday, December 19, 2008

Chocolate Gingerbread House

Happy Friday evening! I can honestly say I am exhausted. I want to go to bed right now, but if I do, I fear I'll be wide awake at 3am! So, I'm posting because my eyes need a break from the projects I'm still working on.

I volunteered in both girls' classes today for their Winter Parties. Amy's was first thing this morning (breakfast type foods) and as the girls and I entered the school, we were greeted with a crowd in the lobby by the office. I mean wall to wall people! It turns out the teachers decided to sing carols to the people entering the building. It was SO cool! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it, as did all the parents. What a festive way to start the day.

I had all the stuff I needed to bring, but wouldn't you know...I forgot my camera! Gasp! It's because I had ALL that other stuff to bring and on my mind. Oh well. The kids had fun and enjoyed making the marshmallow snowmen. I realized in my effort not to give the kids too much frosting...I actually gave them a bit too little and some of the snowmen looked a tad 'interesting' shall we say? They didn't really care, all they wanted was to eat them! LOL

When I brought in the goodies for Jessica's party (which I was too early mind is so scattered) I remembered the camera. And here's why I wanted to be sure I had it.

Look at this!

100_5334 100_5335

And NO, I didn't make this! LOL Amy's teacher made it, actually, for the class. What is so cool about this (other than the fact she made something like this for the class) is that this gingerbread house is made of chocolate!!!! The walls, roof, and even the Santa! She told me that she has chocolate molds that she used to create it. She's had the molds for a long time, and I sure have not seen anything like this (she thought I could find it/something similar at Michaels. She also told me that inside the house was candy for the kids. They were going to break it open and eat it later in the day. I just think this is a very cool idea and wanted to share.

Jessica's party was at the end of the day and they had sundaes in addition to the marshmallow snowman activity. After the kids were done her teacher put some music on and the kids started dancing off some of the sugar. Then she played a song that you move to according to what's sung. Thumbs up, thumbs back, feet apart, knees together, bottom up, tongue out, eyes closed, and turn around. But it built up each time. By the time one is done, the legs can sure feel it. And because it's such a silly sight, the kids LOVE it. Jessica's teacher encouraged the parents to join in and I was the only one who took her up on it (because I think it's fun to act kid-like and goofy).

So, it was a pretty good day. But I'm absolutely pooped. So, I think I am going to close this post and head to bed.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the sweet comments and emails about the critters I've been creating. I was worried I might bore you with them. I'm glad you are enjoying them. Have a great night and start to your weekend!



Clearly Inspired said...

Okay, Jeanne! You truly are my Martha Stewart. I am so amazed at all the projects you make. This one looks so Yummy!

Carol said...

That chocolate gingerbread house is amazing. It is funny, that whenever DH sees ours he says "wouldn't be great if it was made of chocolate and not gingerbread" lol

Kathi Carlson said...

I'm glad to hear you joined in with the action to the song. It IS fun to be silly once in a while. As for the volunteering, it takes a chunck of time but is so worth it. That was nice of the teacher, too, to go the extra mile and make the chocolate gingerbread house. I bet we could find the molds if we found a company that sells German chocolate molds.