Saturday, February 28, 2009

Behold the Sock Creatures!

Happy Saturday to you! I didn't get to create anything yesterday, but my girls did!

They had a super fun day, starting at 6am, when they woke up! Yes, they didn't need to get up since they had no school, but up they were and rarin' to go. We did a little shopping, where they got a couple of dollar item treats. Then I bought them lunch on the way home. After lunch, Hattie, John and Susi came by for our playdate. They didn't get to stay as long as we'd hoped, but they still had loads of fun. After they left, the girls went outside to play with the neighbor kids. They deemed it too cold and windy and they all trooped over to our house. So, I had kids around all afternoon! I had to shoo one boy home because our dinner was on the table. LOL Then came the most exciting part of the day.

We went to their school for a class on creating sock creatures! The art teacher found this book last year and had held a class on it last school year. Hattie participated and made THE most adorable sock creature. She offered it again this year and the girls wanted to go. So after dinner we headed over with our socks, buttons and supplies. I thought about taking my camera, and sort of wished I had, but I also knew I was going to be busy helping the girls sew and might not be able to take pictures. That was the case. I'm sorry though, because it was just TOO sweet watching them sew. They were SO excited! We didn't get home til after 8pm (remember they'd been up and going since 6am). By that time, even Mommy was exhausted!

They didn't have quite enough time to actually finish their projects, so immediately upon waking up this morning (at a more respectable 7am) they got back to work!

Here are the results of their efforts...complete with bed head...

100_5614 100_5611



100_5612 100_5616

The girls did the work themselves. I cut out the ears for Jessica's creature, but she did ALL the sewing herself! I even had to take off one eye because it "wasn't perfect," and she wanted to sew it on again in the right spot (little miss perfectionist!) I found this pair of knee socks at Walmart and oh boy, do they stretch! LOL

There were lots of awesome creatures being made. It definitely was a fun time.

Today, Daddy is taking them to Lowe's for their kids' craft session. Apparently they will be making cars and having a race of some sort. Mommy is gonna pass on going and look forward to hearing about all the fun. See, Mommy invited Daddy to go last night and it wasn't his cup of tea, and making cars isn't Mommy's cup of tea either. So Daddy and his daughters can have a special memory making time, just like Mommy did last night. (plus Mommy has had a LOT of special kids time the past few days(Jessica had Daisies on Thursday...all the kids over yesterday and then last night's fun) and thinks it's Daddy's turn right about now...LOL

So hopefully Mommy will get to create some neat stuff of her own! Check back later and see if I'm successful...

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Kathi Carlson said...

Oh my goodness! For cute!! I won't call you "Super Mom," even though I want to ... The house full of kids reminded me of the good old days. All these years later, one friend still helps himself to whatever he finds in my refrigerator every time he comes around. It's endearing and annoying at the same time. LOL.

mE said...


You are an AWESOME mommy! Your girls are so lucky that you enjoy doing things like this with them!

I love these sock "cats"... LOL! AMy's looks like a funky sea creature thingy and Jess's reminds me of a Dr Seuss character.

That is great that you had to "boot out" a friend... that means the friend enjoyed being in your home and felt comfortable... there are lots of children who don't have a place where they feel that way.



Jackie said...

Oh these sock creatures are too cute :)

stampmonkey said...

I've always said I'd much rather have ALL the kids over at our house than to have my kids doin' who-knows-what who-knows-where. That way you get to know their friends and see what's going on. Sometimes it means setting an extra plate or two...and sometimes it means having to tactfully direct them home. lol Either way, it works. You're blessed that they enjoyed being at your home so long. ;)

How fun that your school would offer this class for the kids! What CUTE little creatures they made...and that is so cool that they did all the work themselves! Bet they're really proud of that. (I'd never have thought a pair of knee socks could be so entertaining!) ;D

Kim Burmeister said...

Looks like they are going to be crafty just like you. Look out crafters here are two upcoming stars!

-Julie said...

Those are really cute!!