Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bo-Bunny Chunky Charms Clarification

Christi asked me a question about the Chunky Charms and I realized I must not have explained it well. So, I've taken a couple more pictures and I hope this will help you understand better. Here's a link to a pdf file at the Bobunny website. The item I am showing you is on page 4.

100_5602 100_5603

It's hard to get a good picture because these are clear, but I think you can see how they come apart. I used the one in the lower right corner of the second photo as a stencil for the frame on the frog card. I just cut it out with my scissors.

Does this help?


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stampmonkey said...

Thanks, Jeanne; it does help. I feel bad that you went to this extra work just because I wasn't 'with it' enough to figure it out --sorry. And thanks BIG enabler, you! lol I think those Chunky Charms have a lot of possibilities --hmmmm. ;)

HAHAHA!! The word verification below is "unabl" --wonder if it's referring to my inability to figure out the Chunky Charms?? Kinda spooky.... lol