Sunday, February 1, 2009

Felicia Tagged Me...

* I am: married and a busy stay at home mom
* I want: more time to create more projects!
* I have: two sweet girls!
* I dislike: listening to the girls fuss at each other.
* I miss: Felicia!
* I fear: not living up to expectations
* I feel: motivated to start my day
* I hear: the girls bickering...ugh
* I crave: chocolate
* I cry: over sentimental songs.
* I usually: read blogs/emails early in the morning when everyone is asleep.
* I search: on Google lots these days.
* I wonder: if the economy will recover.
* I regret: nothing, because it's made me who I am.
* I love: life!
* I care: about my family and friends.
* I always: have a Diet Coke handy.
* I worry: about silly things.
* I am not: as patient as I'd like to be.
* I remember: my mom daily.
* I believe: it's better to look at things in a positive light.
* I dance: with my girls.
* I sing: without a tune but with gusto.
* I don't always: keep my house as clean as I should!
* I argue: rarely.
* I write: decently.
* I win: I don't enter stuff so I don't win stuff!
* I wish: I was better at managing my time.
* I listen: to others.
* I don't understand: a pattern round on the crochet project I'm working on
* I can usually be found: reading something on the computer.
* I need: nothing.
* I forget: more often than I care to admit!
* I am happy: most of the time.

I'm supposed to tag people, but am choosing not to. If you want to play, copy, paste and share!


Clearly Inspired said...

Jeanne, this was fun to read about you. You are a positive, happy wonder why I like to visit your blog and we have become friends! Life's to short not to smile!

Thanks for sharing!

judy anderson said...

I like that you aren't tagging people. You said it so nicely I may have to borrow your idea.

Kathi Carlson said...

The better to know and love you, my dear! This is fun! Might follow your lead.

stampmonkey said...

Now I know more of why I like you so much. ;) tfs