Saturday, February 21, 2009

Owl's Done!

I just finished the knitted owl and wanted to share! Oh my goodness...this one makes me giggle and grin. I wouldn't have chosen these colors on my own, but somehow, some way, they work!100_5604

I got this pattern from Amy Gaines' Etsy Shop. I used all Red Heart Super Saver yarn and size 4 knitting needles. I have to give a shout out to Nona, because she gave me a link to KnitPicks and a set of interchangeable knitting needles after I bemoaned the fact that I cannot afford to get all Addi needles. A neat thing about these needles is you can use the cable for circular needles or you can add a stop on each end and use the needles as regular straight needles. I used them as straight needles. It was much less cumbersome to knit with "shorter" needles, although my yarn wanted to wrap around the end of the cables. Plus the tips of these are pretty pointed. That's great because it fits into the yarn beautifully.

I finished the knitting last night and this evening stitched it all together. I'm very pleased at how it turned out.

Thanks for visiting! This will be my last post for today, I promise! LOL



Kathi Carlson said...

OMG!!!! I do believe this is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. The colors are perfect for this cute little guy (or is it a girl?). You get the Best O' the Blogosphere again today! Thanks for sharing!!!

mE said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Now STOP making me HAVE TO buy more supplies like yarn n such... I don't want to get caught up in another hobby!!! I want to live vicariously through you!

That owl is positively DARLING :)

Kim Burmeister said...

This is sooooo cute! I love these little critters!

-Julie said...

This cuties reminds me of my new $0.49 placemats I got from the Target V-Day clearance that say "Owl Love Your Forever". So cute!

nonapearl said...

Uber cute! You are so talented Jeanne! ;) Knit picks is awesome. I'm waiting on my $100 order right now.

The packing slip says it's sitting in the fed ex depot near our house, but estimated delivery is THURSDAY! ACK!!!

ΜΑΜΑ ΒΙΚΥ said...
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ΜΑΜΑ ΒΙΚΥ said...

It's so cute. I love it

stampmonkey said...

What a darling owl, Jeanne! The colors are perfect for the li'l cutie! BTW, I've noticed you do an exceptional job of 'stuffing' your creations...they're never lumpy and always look so perfect. Nice job!