Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bridesmaid Barbie and Sharing Breakfast...

Happy Thursday to you! As I am typing this I am waiting for the call from Brakes Plus letting me know they are done with the van. The brake light has been coming on intermittently for the past week or so and I took it in yesterday to find out why. It turns out the cylinders were leaking on the rear brakes. So, this morning I dropped it off. Thankfully, Steve's buddy is driving today, so I had the Saturn available to drive Jessica to school.

I wanted to share the finally finished Barbie dress! It's actually a bridesmaid dress, complete with a hat and bouquet! Jessica was so excited this morning when I sewed the last little snap on before she left for school. She decided this was the Barbie to wear it. It's actually mine from when I was a girl. It's Barbie's sister, but I can't remember her name. I want to say Skipper, but I keep thinking that was the even younger sister. Anyway, this doll's figure isn't as "fully developed" as Barbie's, so the dress fits just a little bit more loosely than it would on a regular Barbie. ha, ha.



Ohhhh....looking at these pictures I think she needs a slip under that skirt. Yikes! Flashbacks to Princess Diana and those infamous photos...LOL I used a bedspread weight cotton thread to crochet and a size B hook. The pattern called for a baby yarn and size 6 hook. The skirt came out just a tad long, but it still looks okay. I sewed on four snaps, you know those little metallic thingies that were used a lot before Velcro came along. The stitch is mostly double crochet and some single crochet, so not a difficult pattern to follow at all. I finagled the addition of the flowers on the bouquet. I found a small bunch of silk flowers in the bridal section of Michaels and they were on clearance. I used just one sprig from the bunch. I was supposed to sew two ribbon lengths onto the back of the bouquet, but I decided to just put the sprig through the hole, bend the wire in half and wrap the ribbon around the "handle" for the bouquet, I tied it in a knot at the top and snipped the excess off. This way I didn't have to mess with more sewing and it looks a little "neater." So there you have it. I think Jessica is very pleased.

Speaking of her...look what I watched this morning right after she got up.


Daddy made a waffle for his breakfast and he shared it with her. Don't you just love that bed-head hair??? It's always a challenge to brush it out because she has a sensitive head and always whines and complains that I am hurting her when I brush it (even when I am not doing any brushing, lol) Anyway, I just thought this was a sweet moment between the two of them.

Well, the shop hasn't called yet, so I am hoping that there wasn't a problem getting it finished. Guess I'd better go call and find out what's up.

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Kim Burmeister said...

Wow! Barbie clothes...this will never end, because your girls will have lots of orders. Cute!

Love the bed hair! This picture of them is so adorable!

Kathi Carlson said...

The Barbie dress is exquisite. As for the moment caught on "film," priceless. As for the "bed head" and discussion of brushing Jessica's hair, it reminded me of when I was a little one. I was one of four girls born in five years. We all had long hair, so mom brushed, braided, and made ponytails and pigtails (our choice)in what must have seemed like an assembly line. It had to have taken the patience of a saint. I hope your brakes got fixed!

Ratzlaff Reflections said...

You are AMAZING! That dress is unbelievable! Really!

gloria in Utah :) said...

I had a bed head too, and I solved the problem by braiding her hair BEFORE she went to bed. Then when she got up, I just took out the rubber band ( actually one of those hair bands so it wasn't so hard on the ends of her hair) and it was SO much easier to comb out. She sure appreciated it, and it gave us some mommy/daughter time to talk about school and such. Her hair is still long after all these years, and I think she still does it. ( she's 27 and about to be married next month!! )

gloria in Utah :) are right, you need a slip (chortle) The dress is magnificent tho. You are amazing.

AaronB said...

Little girls with messy hair are my favorite!

stampmonkey said...

Bummer about your van. Hope they got it all taken care of for you.

The Bridesmaid dress and her accessories are just amazing, Jeanne! Love your idea of adding the little flowers to the bouquet -- you're soooo creative! (I agree that she could use a slip -lol!)

What a sweet moment with Jessica and daddy (mattress head included). You know it's love when a dad's willing to share his waffle! lol