Saturday, August 8, 2009

Amy on Her Floatie~Digi Layout

Happy Saturday to you! I did something creative today...yay! Of course, this was after I took the girls to the pool. LOL I actually had my camera in my purse this time and managed to capture some fun moments.

(Credits: Kay Miller Template Collection 12, Summer Splash Kit and Add Ons from NitwitCollections and Pea Tracy font).

This was the first time I had my camera with me, and also the first time the girls remembered to bring floaties. Amy had so much fun trying to keep afloat on her little Strawberry Shortcake Dollar Store ring. I took one of Jess on her frog, but it's way too blurry to use, darn. I have some other pictures and a couple of more layouts in the works already and will post them when I can get them finished.

Sandy and Jeff had to leave really early on Thursday morning as Jeff's mom had some complications from her illness (pre-leukemia something or other I believe Sandy said) and they needed to get back. It was fun spending the few days we had with them. I took the girls to the city pool (the one with the slides) in the afternoon (no pictures though). Yesterday, Steve finished off his week long vacation and we decided to go to Heritage Square, which now has an amusement park. The girls had fun riding some of the rides they offered. We didn't do all the offerings, but it was fun for the girls none the less. Heritage Square's chapel is where Steve and I got married 13 years ago (as of July 20th). Although I saw the last time we were there that the chapel had been turned into a store. Not sure if that's changed again as we didn't check it out, we spent our time in the amusement park area.

So, the summer fun continues. Yay! *Ü*

The girls go back to school on the 19th. I just got the community newsletter and already have a list of days that they don't go to school! Goodness, they have something like 5 days off by September 18th, I think. Two days are set aside for Assessment (meaning the girls go only during their appointed time one day for like an hour to an hour and a half max). One day off is for Labor Day, they have the Tuesday after Labor Day off (don't know why) and September 18th is a District Wide inservice day. Oh my! LOL

Hope you are having a great Saturday and that the rest of your weekend is full of summer fun!



Sarah said...

OK that LO is FUN!!! BRIGHT!!! and ohhh sooo pretty. perfect with those photos. Now come and do my kids photos will ya LOL
Love it Jeanne...although I miss your posts and your art...I am glad you are having fun with the kids!

Wendy K. said...

I love this layout!!! The colors, the details, and the design!

Sharli said...

Sweet layout, Jeanne - what a darling she is and I'm so glad they're having fun in the sun!

Maricar said...


First of all - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the title topper on this layout.

And then, your photos are great!

It makes me want to get to the pool!

Kariberry said...

Gorgeous! Love this digi layout! I need to check into that. Do you print them off too? Pictures are perfect!

Laurel said...

My goodness look at that layout! So fun!

Kim Burmeister said...

Love this layout, Jeanne! The pics are great! Look at the lettering...awesome!

stampmonkey said...

Yay for being creative! I love the LO, Jeanne! Very fun, beautiful colors, and love the fabric-look of the title. Your girls are so photogenic, and you do a wonderful job with your photography and digi scrapping --hard to go wrong. Bummer about Jess' pics not coming out...I'm very familiar with that experience. ;(

How are the socks coming along?

Kathi Carlson said...

Great layout, Jeanne! Love the bright colors - everything about it. It looks like your weather turned summer-like again. Good for you. With school starting so soon, you haven't got much time left. School doesn't start until after Labor Day in Minnesota. It's the law ...