Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Spider's a Perfectionist!

As I was starting my Tuesday morning routine of getting all the trash out to the curb, I couldn't help but notice that the spider has been busy fixing up his (her?) web. There were some big gaps developing in it since my last post. Not so anymore.

One of the most fascinating things to me about this web is the location. Usually one sees a web in a corner of something and I guess this technically is sort of attached to the corner of our carport. But to me, this one looks almost as if it's just floating in air don't you think? I tried misting it per someone's comment to hopefully be able to capture it more clearly-Mr. (Mrs?) Spider didn't like the misting too much, but stayed on the web the while photo shoot. (Please disregard dirty carports and windows if you enlarge any pictures).
This is where the web is attached on the one side. That's a holly bush that I'm not particularly fond of, but Steve really likes it and it's going crazy this year.

And you can see the connection from the web to the strand going down to the holly bush here.
This one may be harder to see, but this is where it's attached to the carport.

The sun was hitting just right and I HAD to take more pictures. It's so fascinating to me.

I'll try to refrain from any more spiderweb posts in the future. Back to your regularly scheduled day, now. LOL Thanks for indulging me if you read this post.


Laurel said...

LOL. Actually I am not all that fond of spiders, but their webs are so beautiful! I love the beauty of spiderwebs and that one is a beauty!

Kariberry said...

Man, he/she must have been up all night to get that web to perfection.{just to catch bugs} I hate, hate HATE spiders but i did inlage the pic to see the the detail... I'm impressed. LOL TFS

And thanks again got your helpful advice on digi scrapbooking. I'm a new student... Yikes

nonapearl said...

great pics! :) just wanted to stop by and see how the sock knitting was coming!

=) Nona

Felicia Fernandez said...

That's amazing!!! The pictures did turn out great as well. It's always good to stop by and see what you're up to. Mike's uncle in Denver passed away a couple of weeks ago. He almost made the trip back for the services but it would have been a crunch for us. Although it does look like we'll be going to San Diego in another year!!!! So I plan to visit you as much as I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

OK thanks on the refraining from posting more spider pics!!!LOL
Glad you are having fun with the spider though LOL

Kathi Carlson said...

Great photos!! You need to watch a spider spin a web! It's amazing, particularly one spun by a female. Your web is a female's web. Male spiders make messy webs. It has to do with the oil secreted by the female's body that helps her not to stick. The male sticks to his own web. Why do I think that's funny? And why, you ask, does your friend have such useless information in her head? It goes back to my Cub Scout days. Women who hang around with little boys have to know a lot about bugs and other icky things. LOL.

I'm babbling. My fingers hurt. My ATG gun has had quite a workout today. The end is in sight...

I hope you're having a good week, sweet friend! Take care.

Sharli said...

Don't stop - this is absolutely amazing! I'm very impressed with your spider and that you've been able to capture some decent photos of the webs!! It's such a miracle - the way nature works - when you stop and think of all the different things there are to see and experience. Hmmmmm.

Maricar said...

The only time I don't like spider webs is when I unknowingly walk into them. This web is so pretty. LOL at the spider not liking you misting it!