Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amy's 1st Day Digi Layout

I've been feeling the "itch" to scrap again, so that's what I did today. This layout took all afternoon, because I was fiddling with it so much. It might have been worth it, because I like how it turned out even though, or maybe because, it's fairly simple.

Template: Collection 4, Janet Phillips (Daily Digi Files #4-no longer available)
Digital Kit: It's Elementary by Dani Mogstad (SweetShoppeDesigns)
Font: CTMH Noodge

Not too much to report except that the girls let "Oma," across the street, cut their hair today. She's offered to do it for years, but they always said no. Just in the past few months they thought it might be a good idea and today it worked out all around. She cut quite a bit of what she called dead ends off (over 2 inches on both) and admonished me to not put their hair in ponytails as the bands are breaking their hair. Headbands are okay though. She said the bands are too harsh for their baby fine hair right now. I don't have photos of the haircuts by Oma, because they decided to surprise me and show me when they were done! It didn't bother me because Oma was going to do it last weekend, but our schedules didn't mesh, so I knew at some point soon she'd do it.

I also spend a fair amount of time working on organizing some of my digi stash. Not done yet, but made a little headway, which is better than nothing, right?

So, all in all, a decent day, even though weather-wise, it sure feels like fall right now. I'm wearing jeans and earlier today I had my knitted socks on!

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope you have a great start to your week


Kathi Carlson said...

Oh cute, I love everything about this layout from the staples to the pencils to the chalkboard to... Everything little thing. Great photos, too. I try to remember to take photos of the kids from behind every once in a while. Looking at those photos, we "see" something different and remember different stuff, I think. I don't know.

Love the haircuts. Love the feel of silky baby fine hair, too. Probably because my hair has the texture of a horse's tail. LOL. So, those fuzzy elastic bands are bad for hair, too? Thought it was just rubber bands. Bummer. Pigtails and ponytails are pretty darned cute.Regardless, long hair or short hair, that's a sweet pair you've got there, friend, but you know that. Enjoy your week!

Sharli said...

Your digi layout is beautiful!!! I love the zig-zag stitching, the staples and all the little details! The photos are so sweet - I agree with Kathi - the photo from behind has a special focus - walking away, growing up.


stampmonkey said...

I really like this LO too, Jeanne! It's very cute (love that zig zag stitching), and looks great with your pics.

How nice that your neighbor will trim their hair for you and also dispense helpful tips. ;) Like Kathi, I thought it was just the uncoated rubber bands that were too rough on hair. Maybe it's more a combination of their being in the chlorinated water so much that's contributing to the damage? Anyway, they look like they're very pleased with their new cuts...always a plus! ;)

I'm loving this cool weather. Too bad it isn't supposed to be like this all week. ;( Guess fall will be here soon enough....

-Julie said...

Your little cuties are growing up! Your LO looks great, and I love the girls' new hair dos too!

Jackie said...

when i first read the title i thot amy had done the layout...ah...for rereading i got it the second time...good job
i know noel uses tiny rubber bands on her girls hair and they seem to be fine...i think she cuts them out most of the time instead of pulling them out so it would be easier on the hair...but then her girls have really thick hair too

Carolyn Christie said...

Amy looks adorable with her hair cut! Cute digi layout. Back to school are the best pages!
I hear you about how long they take to put together. But it's the learning I'm enjoying most of all.
Have a wonderful day!

Alanna said...

Great layout Jeanne. I love how it all came together, especially the strips of paper towards the bottom.

It looks like Oma did a great job with the girls' hair.


mE said...

heeeey! Great layout!I also thought that Amy had made the LO at first... then I kept reading. :)

Yes, Oma is right, no more ponies... or fewer ponies... and I know that chlorine wreaks havoc on baby fine hair. I think there's some spray in stuff you can put in their hair pre swim. :P

Inky Smiles!

mE said...


Since I'm visiting your blog


I want to wish you a

May you have loads of FUN today!

Hugs to you, Jeanne!


Sarah said...

That LO is too cute!!!! I love it.
The pictures of the girls are beautiful. They look like they have angel fine/soft hair! They are so beautiful you must be so proud Jeanne.
Amy's hair is thick, thick, thick and there is so much of it....she gets up in the morning and looks like a nightmare!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I hope you had a great day! Your layout is awesome. I do love the simplicity of it. And your little darling is just adorable! Thanks for sharing.


Laurel said...

It is a cute layout but the girls are even cuter!

Heather said...

The digi world thanks you for returning - take your bow now, oh Great One! :) You are talented in so many ways.

Carol said...

Your layout is great and those girls of yours so cute.
Our weather is also changing quickly with the summer clothes already emerging.

Jena said...

So cute! And I know it's late but happy birthday from one August baby to another ;-)