Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Try, try again. Or maybe the title of this post could be...Location, Location, Location!

I'm so sorry. I know I said just yesterday that I wouldn't post any more spider web photos, but I had to break that promise. Because this morning, this is what I saw when I looked for the web.

This shot shows what it looks like now in the exact same spot as yesterday's photo. No one in this household has touched the web. I saw it last evening when I got home from doing some window shopping. But this is what it looks like this morning. It took me a bit to figure out where the web was...and some water misting.

I've not seen any bugs IN the web, so I guess it wasn't very successful for this spider. He/she must have decided to try a new spot. Do spiders eat their webs? I guess I could look it up. Kathi? Resident expert on spiders and probably know! (thanks for the spider facts)
This is a shot of the spider, towards the top leaves on the underside. I supposed I could have photoshopped this and put a circle in. As it is, you are seeing these photos straight out of the camera.

And for those of you who were interested in the name of the plant I posted a couple of days ago, I finally remembered to ask Steve for the name. It's called Jimson Weed or Datura stramonium. The first link is to photos of the plant and the second to some information I found doing a search. I'm not sure just how accurate it is. Since I posted on Sunday, we've had 3 more blooms. They don't last but a day or so. Currently two blooms are open. Steve won't be behaving wonky, I promise. He likes the look of the flower and is proud of the fact that he found his own plant. The fact that it has those properties I think makes it a more "manly" flower for him. LOL Cuz, you know, real guys don't usually get all happy over flowers. Although he also really likes the morning glory, too. Ours re-seeded itself and so our arbor looks much more lush than it ever has-refer back to the linked post's the last picture I posted of my "wild" garden. Of course, the tons of rain might have helped it get so lush, too. LOL Oh wait, it's the MOON Flower that he likes more than the morning glory, but it's a variation of the morning glory that blooms in the evening. We haven't been able to get one to really grow well, yet.

Okay, that's enough babble from me today. One of these days I promise I will have a crafty post again. The girls start school next week (in my best sing-song voice)...*Ü*



Felicia Fernandez said...

Next week! Wow, the boys are already into their 2nd or 3rd week. We have short summer breaks here!!!!

Sharli said...

That's it! Jimson weed!!! Thank you for solving the mystery - I knew it immediately but could not for the life of me think of the name! Don't let your horses eat it.

Jeanne - these spider webs are just amazing! I was oooo-ing and ahh-ing over your blog on my lunch hour today and my co-worker just "had to see" - she was equally impressed!

Thanks, too, for your ALWAYs kind words on my blog! I'm always smiling after reading your posts.


Sarah said...

Ohhhh GL to your girls!!!!
Jimson weed LOL My DD and I did a Girl Scout thing on poisonous plants LOL and that was one of them ha ha.
I have Wisteria and Milk weed growing and both of them are highly poisonous! :-)
OK I am SOOOO done with the spiders ...The webs are OK though.

Kariberry said...

OMG that is quite the web. It's amazing how they spin it huh. I still think they are gross. TFS though! :) Hey maybe he ate the bugs already? But I think they wrap them up first and eat them later. ewwww

mE said...


I looked up the info on that weed. That Jimson Weed stuff is NASTY... we had some kids here get really sick on it a while back. You don't want your kids or pets messing with it.

I agree with Sarah... done with Spiders, but the webs are gorgeous! I love the crazy patterns they make and the bugs they eat... but I can't stand spiders.

Maricar said...

I believe you are mastering the art of photographing a spider web. These (with the misting) are great! Now, leave the poor little spider alone! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job on the spider web! I don't want any spiders in the house but they're OK in the yard as long as I don't have to come in contact with them. It's fascinating how and where they build their webs. Brenda