Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School Time!

Okay, so I'm a day actually started yesterday. But man, I took advantage of the kid free time to delve into some deep cleaning and before I knew it, it was time to pick the girls up! LOL Then the adreneline rush from feeling good about how clean my entry way is wore off and I was pooped.

Both girls were so excited to get back to school that they were awake before their normal wake up time. The had gotten dressed, ate breakfast, made lunch, and brushed their teeth well before it was time to leave. They were definitely chomping at the bit. LOL (Geez, didn't they have a fun summer with their old mom?)

Ahhhhhh...that they would retain this enthusiasm and excitement for school throughout their academic career.

Both girls were just as excited about school at the end of the day. Jessica said her 1st grade teacher is really nice and Amy proclaimed third grade to be awesome.

Both girls got up early again this morning, yay! After I dropped them off, I had a teeth cleaning appointment to keep, then I got back to cleaning after I got home. The bathrooms are sparkly today. *Ü*

I hope you are having a positive week full of enthusiasm as well. Thanks for stopping by!



Kathi Carlson said...

Cleaning, huh? I was wondering what you've been up to!! Even though they had to have had the best summer ever, it's so nice that the girls were anxious to go back to school. Cute, cute first-day-of-school photos for mom to scrap, too! Take care, friend!!

Erica said...

oh, your girls are too cute!

Kariberry said...

Your girls are adorable! What cute pictures! Mine start on the 27th. ;)

Sarah said...

They are gorgeous Jeanne! Their smiles and blonde are blessed. I am SO glad they are having fun.
You go with the cleaning...and come on over here and continue the cleaning LOL.
You sound as though you have had a great summer. Can't wait to see the LO to go with these pics.

Sharli said...

Oh HOW precious!!! Your daughters are just beautiful! See how obediently they smile for the camera? I love the first two shots - where they look truly excited about back-to-school! The walking away from you shot made me want to tear up and cry. Yes. And my DD is 24 years old now! YIKES

Alanna said...

How fun. Both girls look so full of life and happy. I'm glad that you were able to get some good cleaning done. It does make a mom feel good, doesn't it?

mE said...

Yay Jeanne!

Wanna come clean at my house? I really don't feel like doing it today! LOL!

Congrats on the kids going back to school and having more "time" during the day! Cute kids all excited for school.... at least they aren't whining and crying and you have to DRAG them out the door... lol


stampmonkey said...

How sweet they look! I remember those days --so fun! Although I can't say I remember using my regained alone time to deep clean the house (not that I shouldn't have been doing that!). ;) You're a good wife and mom, Jeanne, and you inspire me on so many levels!

Carol said...

Sounds funny hearing "back to school" as we are in the middle of the school year.

Your girls are so cute, I love the photos. So good to hear they love school.