Sunday, February 7, 2010

Budding Cook...

Happy Superbowl Sunday to you! Are you planning on watching the game (or just the commercials)? I'm gonna watch the game! I've got stew in the crockpot for supper and am good to go. *Ü* If I'm lucky, I'll even finish Amy's giraffe sometime today! I just need to finish knitting the spots and I can start putting her (him?) together. Amy's been awfully patient, but the other day I noticed she put Georgiana right next to my knitting spot on the couch (right next to my needles and yarn). Amy told me Georgiana is really looking forward to meeting her new friend. I should have taken a picture, but I completely spaced that one off. Oh well. If I get done today, I'll be back to share for sure.

I took the girls to Chuck E. Cheese on Friday as they had the day off from school. They had a great time and I got some extra knitting time in (tapping side of her head). When we got home Amy decided she wanted an egg sandwich for lunch. I'm not all that great at cooking eggs, mainly because Steve normally does it! He's been showing Amy what to do and she made a sandwich for Jessica first, then herself. She did an excellent job and was very careful!

I think it was a hit! LOL Thanks, Amy says Jessica.

Yesterday I volunteered to help the Brownie leader go pick up the main cookie order. Actually seven of us volunteered! The order for our troop was one of the largest they had (but they didn't need 7 cars/vans to load up). I was impressed at how well they did the loading. It was like a well oiled machine. I just unlocked the van and they did the rest of the work(gotta love that). I carried the Samoas (something like 84 cases), and they were darn lucky I didn't abscond with them as they are my favorite cookie. LOL We headed back to the leader's house and unloaded, then picked our Brownie's order and checked out with our cookies. The leader was very generous and had a homemade lasagna dinner (with bread and salad) ready for the volunteers. Let me tell you, it was super yummy! Amy's in the process of delivering orders now. She and Jessica had fun putting the individual orders together.

Okay, I think I can sneak back onto the couch now and get back to work on the spots. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a SUPER Sunday!


Sharli said...

I LOVE that Amy is learning to cook - that's wonderful! And Jessica so appreciative - she must have learned those manners from someone special ;-)

Please post Georgiana and her new friend!

Sarah said...

WOW look at Amy cooking an egg!! Not the easiest thing to cook either. I love it that she did it for Jessica first. I LOVE egg sandwiches...esp when the yolk escapes...messy and GOOD>

Sparkle said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I miss having extra days off, lol. I can't wait to see Georgiana's new friend and the girls are just precious as always!

I'll be watching the game and commercials...but probably will color images too. :)

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, you are the ULTIMATE mom! I hope your girls know how lucky there are. They definitely will when they become woman.

I can't wait to see Georgiana friend too. Hope you have a great Super Bowl time!

Kathi Carlson said...

The photos are so cute! Now's a good time to teach the girls to cook - while they are still interested and before other things (like makeup, clothes, and boys) preoccupy their time.

Oh, and Marv is the chief egg cooker in our household, too. Prior to my going to work, he couldn't boil water, so I guess my old dog learned a few new tricks.

Believe it or not, I tried to watch the Superbowl, but it put me to sleep. While you were knitting, I was snoring. Hope you enjoyed the game and that Georgiana's friend is a little closer to being done.

Have a great week, sweet friend!

mE said...

Cute girls, Jeanne! hehe IT's awesome that Amy is learning to cook! You will love it as she gets older and gets even better at it :)

We didn't watch either the game OR the commercials. I was holed up in my studio finishing a paper layout for a dt contest and baking cookies. LOL!


Carolyn Christie said...

Way yo go! Cooking at such a young age. I remember always hangin out in the kitchen with my mom. What special memories!

I'm happy the Saints one!! 1st time for them even getting to the SB.

Laurel said...

Cute pics and story!

Bird said...

Thank you sooo much for visiting and for the sweet comment!!

You have a gorgeous blog and even more gorgoeus little helper!!! :)

That egg looks perfect, and it's making me hungry...

stampmonkey said...

That is so neat that Amy is learning to cook at such a young age! How sweet that Georgiana was looking forward to meeting her new friend -lol! Clever girl you've got there!...I was thinking you were gonna say she'd put her there to remind you to get back to work on Jamie! lol

I remember all too well being the 'Cookie Lady' for Monica's GS troop more than once several years back. Half of our living room was filled with those delicious, tempting boxes of cookies! I think the not-fo-fun part was having to account for every dollar for ALL those cookies.

Jackie said...

oh no it can't be girl scout cookie time again...and i am being good again so that makes it doubly hard to pass up those cookies...i love love love the hoedowns.....choc and there anything more scrumptious than that???