Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mystery Knitting Project...Revealed...Sort of...

Those of you who thought I was making an Easter Bunny are partially right, as you can see. *Ü* It IS a bunny, but not specifically an Easter Bunny. She's also a bunny without arms at this point. LOL I'm just following the pattern, making the pieces in the order they are shown. Next up will be the arms. I've surprised myself at how quickly the head came together. And I really like how her personality is emerging with her eyes and mouth.

I didn't do what the pattern indicated for the face. I really like the oval shaped eyes and decided to use them. And I back-stitched the nose and mouth. The pattern showed these items being made with French knots. I'm not a huge fan of making French knots, mainly because I can't get the size consistent. So, I didn't even go there and saved myself some frustration. LOL

Even after the arms are made, she won't be complete as she will be wearing an outfit. I'm excited to get to that point. So, there will be more reveals upcoming. *Ü*

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. It will feel a little like Spring here today, with temps near 50, I've heard, but it won't last. Mother Nature is such a tease...there's snow predicted soon as well.

Thanks again for stopping by. I may, possibly, head out to my craft room today. No promises, but if I do, I'll share!


Sharli said...

How Adorable!!! I was pretty sure the ears were bunny ears!!! I LOVE her! Looking forward to more . . .

Enjoy the warmer weather while you can, dear friend!

Carolyn Christie said...

Very cute Jeanne!!
I had a dream last night i went to visit you, and i was soo happy to see you and your girls.... hmmm
Whatz up with that? Hahahaha.. dreams?? But i would be very happy to see you IRL :)

Enjoy your weekend. Hope you make it to your scraproom!

Kathi C. said...

Oh, man! First, how flipping cute is she? LOVE her face. It's SO sweet. And as soon as I read the word "Bunny," I thought, "Of course!" What a precious project. I cannot wait to see her with arms and all dressed up.

50 degree? You lucky girl. I'm just thankful for sunshine and temps in the 20s. It's soon March though. Spring will come.

Enjoy your day, Jeanne!!

Barbara said...

Jeanne you've done it again! She is so cute and I know will be even cuter when you're finished.

stampmonkey said...

She's got such a sweet face, and the way you have her poised there, she looks very shy too. ;) I wouldn't have guessed you were making a bunny, but with spring and Easter coming up, it makes perfect sense! I'll bet your girls are getting excited to see her completed!

Hope you enjoy the weather today.... As we've been watching the Olympics, I have to laugh each time we hear what the weather man says: "Colorado's weather will do whatever it wants." lol And it's SO true!

big hugs, gf!

Sarah said...

She is darling Jeanne...Her face is soo cute! Reminds me of the bunny in the book that says "I love you this much"

Kim Burmeister said...

OH, MY! I love it! I would have never guessed a bunny. Cute, cute, cute! I can't wait to see it totally finished. You are awesome!