Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rinse and Repeat

If you are looking for the Hop(e) for Haiti post, please click {here} You won't regret hopping, I guarantee you. The cards up for auction are just gorgeous and I'm so honored to have been asked to participate with such talented ladies!

Why rinse and repeat? Well, because after about 2 weeks of blissful nighttime silence(or manageable noise), the quiet was definitely broken last night. Yep, the dog was at it again. Sigh. Started barking around 7pm (that I noticed...could have been earlier, but it's possible I was too distracted to notice). Barked all evening until about 10pm when I wanted to go to bed. Showed no signs of stopping, so I called the non emergency line for the police to report it. Went to bed and read til about 11pm (which is late for me, but the dog was keeping me up, too). Fell asleep to the sound of barking and woke up at midnight. Dog was still barking. Managed to fall asleep and was woken up at about 1am (yep, still barking). Managed to fall asleep again to be woken up AGAIN at 2am or so by the barking. So that's from 7pm to 2am (or thereabouts) that I am aware of. I must have been so tired at that point I slept til about 5:30 this morning. No barking so far today. I've seen the dog, but of course, he could be just plain tired from all the nighttime barking. Sheesh! I called the city today and was informed that the owners didn't get served their ticket for the last time until January 28th, because no one was ever home when they went by to serve it. So, what, approximately 2 weeks or so until they decided they didn't need to keep the dog in the house anymore?? I was also informed that the first ticket hasn't been processed fully yet, and if they issue a second one at this point, one will definitely be thrown out. So, they are adding notes to the file. Joy.

So that's why I wrote rinse and repeat as my title. The saga continues...

I didn't want to leave you with just discouraging news, so I thought I'd tease you a little instead (hee, hee). Even though I said I was putting down the knitting needles for a while, I've already picked them back up and started a new project. Hmmmmmm....I wonder what it could be??? I guess we'll wait and see now won't we? LOLOLOLOLOL

And I've been thrift store shopping...I found some neat things too. Right after I saw this post, which I thought was really cool, I found this at the thrift store. 

And I thought it was too neat to ignore (especially at only $8!). So I brought it home and put it by the couch. I still need to clean it up a bit and figure out how to stabilize it just a bit. It's a rolling tray thingamabob(nice and technical term for something I'm not sure what the real name is). I'm going to use it for decorating for different holidays/seasons.

I found the tiered basket too. And some bunnies, but I'm holding off on showing those just yet.

For now it's housing some yarn, some swim goggles and Barb's treats (the swim goggles showed up after I put Barb's treat holders in there) and Amy's valentines. I plan on using this for entertaining when we have parties. My friend Susi uses something similar when she has parties for the kids and she loads each basket with yummy goodies. And I want to be more like Susi when I grow up, so I'm copying her idea. LOL

Hope you have a great day! I think I need a nap now. LOL


stampmonkey said...

UGH! Your poor dear! At least you're taking the rights steps to keep the process going --they've got to do SOMEthing one of these days!

And I have a GREAT idea for your new {undisclosed} projects: a very handsome double dog muzzle --the second one for insurance just in case the first one comes off! lol

Love your wheeled cart and I'm sure you'll get a ton of use from it once you've purtied it up. ;) Your tiered bowl stand is really nice too! Maybe I should be checkin' out our local ARC as well??

Hope you can get some rest tonight...though you'll no doubt be so exhausted from not sleeping well last night you could sleep through a tornado. ;)

Jackie said...

People who don't take care of their dogs should be shot...or at least tied to them when they bark all night!
When I grow up can I be like Susi too?

Kathi Carlson said...

You poor thing! What a nuisance.

Love your purchases. The table is cool, and I have a tiered server something like that with plates instead of baskets. Every once in a while (rarely, actually), I do something "Martha" with it. LOL.

Kim Burmeister said...

Your neighbors need to give their dog to a good home. They are not good dog owners...SAD!

I can't wait to see what you are making...socks?

WOW! Those are awesome thrift store finds!

Sharli said...


PLEASE take a nap! Because I'm feeling SO bad for you right now that I totally need to believe that you are catching sleep when you can (like having a baby in the house!!!)

I love your finds! The tea cart is perfect! You'll enjoy that a LOT and really, only $8??? It was a STEAL! I also love the tiered baskets. Definite space savers.


Sarah said...

Ohhh no so sorry about the dog Jeanne!
Ohhhh I am teased about the knitting project...clothes for the giraffes?
Love your thrift store finds....I went to out local one after reading so much about what you have found LOL.

Carolyn Christie said...

That would drive me bonkers to have a barking dog in the neighborhood all night. I would report it too.
I hope they make contact with the dog owners! I feel for the dog!

Thank you for your sweet comment!!
God is amazing!! :)