Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jeremy's Amazing Catch-digital layout

(click on image to enlarge)

Mary Fran released her Gone Fishin' kit yesterday and I bought it right away! *cough* I might have also bought the other kits in the series, too. *cough* They are all so cute...I couldn't resist! Anyway, I was anxious to get started on this layout. But, oh boy, was it a challenge to create. Partially because making the choices was hard, but also because my PSE program kept locking up before I could save, so I'd have to reboot and start again! It happened again today...grrrr.  In the end, I changed the template I was using, deleted one picture that I ultimately felt was not necessary and saved after adding just about each element. LOL Jessica was looking over my shoulder part of the time and felt I needed to add the word turtle to the title. I got the bright (?) idea to add the fish hook upside down to mimic a question mark. I think it looks cute. Amy took a peek and really liked the worms peeking out. So, since the peanut gallery was pleased, I did a final save and called it good.

Hope you had a good day today. It was super hot here, 102, I'm told. The girls wanted to go to the pool, but since I don't get into the pool, I really wasn't keen on sweltering pool-side. (Since I color my hair, I'm afraid it will turn green, so I choose not to risk it). I may take them tomorrow, when it's only supposed to be in the 90s...LOL

I went to the thrift stores, but didn't find too much. I got a 300 piece puzzle, a couple of swim suits for the girls (because they swim so often theirs tend to start sagging) and a folding card table. The table is in almost new condition and was only $5, so I figure that is my deal of the day. I'll use it for larger puzzles that won't fit on the narrow table I have. Oh, and Jessica told me I couldn't start a new puzzle until tomorrow at least, so we could enjoy the one I completed. LOL I was tickled to read that so many of you also enjoy puzzles! Thanks for sharing that.

Okay, that's it from me for now. Thanks for stopping by!



Laurel said...

OH I love this one too! the colors are so pretty!

Sharli said...

Great layout - the details are awesome! I didn't know one could "catch" a turtle! Shows what I know about fishing, I guess. LOL


Sparkle said...

Such a darling layout! I love the embossed fish in the background.

Rachel said...

Great layout. The fish hook question mark is genius.

Alanna said...

What a fun layout. So fresh and summery.

I hope you've been surviving the heat. It looks like Colorado was having a heat wave during my absence.

Oh, and I also adore puzzles, although I haven't done a traditional one in quite some time.

itsabrt said...

What a great layout! I love the turtle! Beth

Kim Burmeister said...

Another great layout! Awesome!