Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderfully Wet Playground~digi layout

Here's another layout, this time featuring the area that Jessica really liked. (click to enlarge if you like) She was 2 inches too short to go down the big slide in a tube and to jump off those high diving boards (not sure what height has to do with an ability to swim, but rules are rules). She didn't mope too long, this side of the water park was chock full of fun things to do to get and stay wet. She also enjoyed the lazy river feature, which will probably become the layout I create next. LOL 

It's been raining off and on all day. I don't think it has gotten much past 60 degrees, but as I finished the layout, I noticed the sun was trying to peek out, so maybe the storm is moving on.

Thanks for stopping by! I sure appreciate your visits.



Kim Burmeister said...

Wow, wow, wow! Your layout is FINtastic! The colors are wonderful and the fish are darling, but not as darling as your girls.

Kathi C. said...

Another winner, friend! I love those multicolor, polka dot letters! The cutest of all? Jessica, of course! That looks like a fun place.

So good to hear from you today, too!! To me, it seemed like you were gone for six weeks. LOL. Have a great Thursday!

Jena said...

Wow, I absolutely LOVE your water park layouts - when I'm ready to dive into that kind of digital scrapbooking, I want YOU to be my teacher ;-) Looks like an awesome park - TFS!

Sunghee said...

What a fun layout! LOVE IT! I just came back from a vacation and need to scrap those. I really like what you done here.