Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Joy~Digi Layout

I'm still scrapping our vacation pictures. Hope you don't get too tired of them. But, while I've got the itch to scrap, I'm taking full advantage of it. This layout took me a surprising amount of time to complete given I knew right away which pictures I wanted to use. I was having trouble selecting a template that fit the mood of the photos. I really wanted to use Mary Fran's Summer Breeze kit, too, but selecting the right combination of papers was a challenge. After fiddling and futzing with it the other day, I ended up closing it up, so I could let things "percolate" for a bit. A little more futzing with alphas today and I finally finished. I ended up not using the alpha that I got with the kit as the letters were multicolored and no matter what title I chose, letters of the same color were side by side and I wasn't able to recolor them to work better. The alpha I ended up using is by Flergs and is called Buttercup (of all names) from Scrapbook Graphics. The stitching is from Libby Weifenbach's Border Basics (Sweet Shoppe Designs). The template I chose is from Cindy Schneider. Can you tell I'm in love with her style? LOL I'm so glad she moved to Sweet Shoppe Designs and I can see what she's up to each Saturday morning when I get my newsletter.

The girls and I have tried to go to the pool the past two days and haven't had much luck. Yesterday, just after we got all settled and the girls jumped in, they had to clear the pool because someone pooped in it. Yuck! It's the second time this has happened. I suspect it's a child in the Base group that was there. The only other time it's happened (just before we left to go to Sioux Falls), the same Base group was at the pool. It would have been an hour and a half wait before the kids could get back into the pool and by then, it would have been time for us to leave. They gave us a raincheck, which was nice. So, we went back today only to be called out due to lightning strikes nearby. That happened twice while we were there and require at least 15 minutes out of the pool each time. The skies were looking pretty dark, so the girls opted to head home. This time though, they got almost 2 hours of swim time in, which isn't bad. The only thing was, a family showed up that the girls like to play with, right before we decided to leave. Oh well, what can you do, right? There's still plenty of summer left. It just has felt a little frustrating this week.

Well, I'm off to decide which pictures to scrap next! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope your weekend is going great.



Kathi C. said...

The template, papers, etc. you chose for this layout are perfect. As much as I love the bright colors, the more subdued tones are just right for fishing. Your photographs are awesome, too.

Frustrating about the pool. At least you've got one though! We have no outdoor pool - probably because we only have two or three months when it would be warm enough to use it. LOL.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Carolyn Christie said...

What a SWEET digi layout! I love fishing photos... even girls! :) Gorgeous!

Sharli said...

I love this fishing layout - you really nailed this one! Of course, you have great subject matter!

I think it's neat how much your girls enjoy the pool! Anything to do with water, actually.


Laurel said...

My goodness this is gorgeous!

Kim Burmeister said...

Another fabulous layout! I know what you mean by wanting the perfect combination of pictures, elements, papers and template.

Sorry to hear about the pool mishaps. That is crappy...hee hee!

Sparkle said...

What a darling layout of Amy! Sorry to hear about the pool problems. Hopefully they'll get to swim more this week. :)

Anke said...

Oh my goodness girl, you have been busy! Here I thought you were still recuperating! 5 posts!!!! I love all the wonderful pages you created and this last one is just wonderful with the yellow and the blue!
Sorry about your pool adventures, that is really disgusting. They should do a bum check :) :) Oh well, I hope you will have many more days to enjoy it!