Friday, July 16, 2010

Pastime From Childhood

When we were visiting Steve's mom's house in Sioux Falls a couple of weeks ago, she had a card table set up  with a puzzle she was working on. Jessica and I both spent some time adding pieces to the puzzle and ended up finishing it! It brought back a lot of memories for me from my childhood. My parents were avid puzzle put together-ers...LOL We had a bumper pool table and my dad put a large piece of plywood that covered it on top when there was a puzzle he wanted to work on. Now mind you, these were at least 1,000 piece nature scene puzzles! Meaning the pieces were small and there were lots of single color pieces. It would stay set out and whomever had the urge could work on it. If someone wanted to play bumper pool, the cover could easily be lifted and set aside. Anyway, finishing Mary's puzzle made me hanker to work on a puzzle when we got home. So, when I went thrift store shopping last weekend, I actually paid attention to the myriad of puzzles they have for sale. I really liked this one, it has 750 pieces (so it's not too overwhelming) and it was only $1. I had to find a spot to set it up and remembered this white table I used to display the Barbie Doll House (before kids). The dimensions were perfect. Since getting the puzzle I've spent a lot of my "spare" time working on it (and hoping all the pieces were in fact, in the box). This first picture was taken on Sunday, July 11th.
And this picture was taken this morning! Yep, I got her done with a teensy bit of help from the girls-they tried to find pieces from time to time. Actually, Amy put in the final piece because it had fallen off the table and was hiding under a Barbie car. I was thinking the puzzle was missing that single piece. She found it and completed the puzzle.

To hear her talk, she spent hours on it when she only put in that one piece...LOL

Now I'm trying to decide if I should keep it out on display or take it apart because I bought a second puzzle that day. A 350 piece one for 50 cents. LOL Decisions, decisions!
And as an FYI, in case you didn't know...The other morning when I got up, Steve told me that my cell phone had been "dinging" up a storm with text messages. To those around me, I've made it quite clear that I don't text, nor do I want to text. I was a bit perturbed to think I would get charged for 11 texts that were of the spam type. And they apparently started coming in at 4am-so you know it wasn't anyone who really wanted to text to me. I talked to my friend Becky, who told me that you can block texts from being sent to your phone (at least for my provider T-Mobile). So, I called them yesterday and talked to a really sweet customer service representative. She put the block on my phone and Steve's and included a block against downloads, too. Apparently there are some not so nice folks who will send you a message that has a download embedded somehow and if you don't respond, you can get charged $9.95 or thereabouts. Why people have to do this type of stuff is beyond me. Anyway, if you don't text and don't want to get pinged if one gets sent to you because you don't have a text plan, you might want to call your cell phone provider and see if you can get them blocked too. And from the photo downloading fiasco, I had bonus messages on my account, so those texts that I did get were covered by those. So, I don't have to pay anything for them. Whew.

I also went to and registered our home and cell phone numbers. I had done the home number years ago, but it might have dropped off the list. You can register up to three numbers and now the list is PERMANENT, meaning your number won't drop off the list after x number of years.

I'm relieved to have found this out and wanted to pass along the information should you be interested.

Hope you are having a good start to your weekend. I am hoping to work on a digital layout or two...if my programs would quit acting up on me that is....

Thanks for stopping by! And for all the heartwarming and smile generating wonderful comments you've been leaving on the layouts I've been sharing. I sure appreciate them!



Sparkle said...

I love doing puzzles too! Glad you're having fun and got some good deals!

Sharli said...

Your puzzle is beautiful! What good fun - I've done some in the past, but find that I'm too scattered, and antsy to sit still and focus on the pieces. I admire people who are calm enough to sit down and think about it.

I wonder if the puzzle gene also makes you able to knit/crochet? That's another hobby that I just can't wrap my arms around.


Hugs, Jeanne. I'd wrap my arms around you if I could - you are such a dear!

Maria said...

How fun! I, too, love puzzles! At my grandmother's house, the family would mix together the pieces for 3 or 4 puzzles, each 1,000 pieces or more, spread out all over the house. Not only was there sorting to be done, but sorting in different rooms! I remember passing 72 hours of a hurricane working on puzzles. What I like about it is that you can talk or listen to music, work on the puzzle avidly, or just place a piece here and there. There is never a rush to finish it. It's the perfect excuse to spend time with your family, while seemingly occupied with a hobby.

Your puzzle is beautiful! Now I'm feeling the urge to start one!

Thanks for the tips on the Do Not Call list. I don't think I've registered my cell phone but will do so now.

Rachel said...

Your puzzle has envoked similiar memories for me of puzzles while growing up. I really feel the urge to jigsaw now.

I hate spam calls and mail. We've registered our home number and we get less cold calls, I've just stopped answering the home phone.

Anke said...

How fun, that puzzle is beautiful! My MIL used to do the same thing, I loved going there and work on her puzzle here and there!
Thanks for the reminder about the donotcall, I have to go back and double check the numbers I have in there. Add the kids maybe. Of course we all text, so I can't block the phones!
Lastly thank you for proof reading my pages! You would think that I would go back and read what I write, but no! :) Not me.... of course I know that you'll be around later LOL, Just kidding!!!!! Thanks again, all fixed!

Jackie said...

Oh I love that puzzle....makes me want to set up a place for one...but the only place is our dining room table and every once in a while we want to use it for eating? altho we hardly eat there anyway :)