Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perfect Thrift Store Find...

I don't have a scrapbook layout of this, but thought I'd share anyway. You just never know what you're going to find at the thrift store! I hadn't been thrifting for a couple of weeks due to our vacation. But I went this past Saturday and found this:
and we've been making this all week

(okay, so this one is mine...frozen lemonade...yummy)

Excuse the messy background in the pictures...the girls have rediscovered their love of Barbie and Polly. They've been playing almost non stop for days now. Their stuff is everywhere!

Wanna know how much this icy delight machine set me back?

Are you ready?


Yep, two whole dollars!
And the BEST part?
When I got it home and opened the box was in its original packaging! 
No one had used it before. 
Whooo hoooo!
It cost me more to get the sugar free flavorings for the slushies/shaved ice than the machine.

Given how hot it's been this week, I'd call this a serendipitous find. hee, hee

Hope you are finding lovely ways to stay cool in your neck of the woods.
Thanks for stopping by.
I'd better finish my slushie before it melts....



Sharli said...

You are the BESTEST bargain shopper!!! I love this one! I can see that the girls do, too! LOL

Sparkle said...

Such a great deal! Reminds of those Snoppy Snowcone makers, lol.

Kim Burmeister said...

That is an awesome find! My boys would love it! Yummy!

Jean said...

$2!!! Man oh man, I wish I could find stuff like that over here!

Jackie said...

whoa...that is a great deal...way to go

Anke said...

Hey, we have one of those (or two)! I should crank it out for the kids, now that it's so dang hot around here! Yours was a steal, I love a bargain myself!!!