Monday, December 31, 2007

Blog Banner Changed

Since we are so close to the new year, I thought it time to change the ol' blog banner! You can see the credits for what I used way down at the bottom of the blog. The picture was taken LAST winter when we had that record snow fall. I was going to use some swimming pictures of the girls I took earlier in December, but somehow the pictures of them in the pool don't quite evoke the same feeling for January as the photo I ultimately chose to use. :o)

I'm gonna be working on my Monthly Roundup today (hopefully), but we do need to take down the tree and put Christmas away. My thought is I will go through my holiday boxes and purge items I no longer want. Would have done it when we first pulled down the boxes, but the girls had a field day working on the tree and I was just in the mood to put the boxes away by the time they were done. LOL

I'm thinking of updating my blog roll, too.

But you know those intentions....sometimes life just gets in the way.

If I, for some reason, DON'T get all the stuff done I hope to and don't get a chance to blog again today...Happy New Year! Stay safe and have fun ringing in 2008~


Terrie "Scrap Evangel" said...

Love the new banner. Great photo!

Clearly Inspired said...

Love the new banner! You are a digi queen!