Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snowman Cookies

I saw this idea both in the Taste of Home Celebrations cookbook (which I ordered recently at Taste of Home party-yes, they do direct sales like Close To My Heart) and then I saw the idea again on a blog recently. I thought these little guys were so cute, I had to try them myself. Get the recipe here. The girls helped me by putting on the mini chocolate chip eyes and M&M baking bits. I mixed some food coloring into frosting to get the nose and scarf colors. I just put the frosting in a baggie and snipped the corner to allow the frosting to flow out. Basically, these are Nutter Butter cookies, dipped in melted white chocolate, break apart a stick pretzel for the arms and then decorate.

We gave this plate to the swim instructors and lifeguards at our Rec Center. It was the last day of swim class for this session. Both girls will be repeating their levels, but that's okay. However much practice they need before moving on is fine with me. The instructors and guards were very appreciative of the treat. I think they deserve a little something for all that they do in teaching kids to swim!
Here's Jessica getting ready to climb up the slide at the pool. I like this picture. It's hard getting decent pictures at the swimming pool because the lighting is pretty bad. But this one came out pretty cute!
And here's sweet Amy. I think this one came out so cute, too! She loves her new pink goggles! She was going down to the bottom of the pool to retrieve rings and things for her teacher.
Thanks for visiting!
I think I am just about done making things for gifties now. Today is the last day of school for both girls. They will be on Winter Break until the new year. I hope to continue to post from time to time, but we will be having my mother-in-law here for Break and my dad will be arriving after the New Year for a week. Their visits will overlap a couple of days. I can't promise how much I'll be able to create until the girls are back to school but you never know...
Hope you find some time to create and I also hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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Carol Dillon said...

Jeanne, your cookies look so good! Thanks for the link to the recipe.
What cute little swimmers your girls look!
Have a wonderful Christmas
Carol :-)