Saturday, December 8, 2007

Link to Google Reader

After my post, I remembered I didn't add the link to the Google Reader, so here it is. (Click on the words Google Reader).

I still haven't done any creating yet today, but I sure have been having fun reading blogs, finding new ones to add, picking up some new digi stuff. (like I really need more)

I even ventured out in the snow to pick up a few Christmas gifts, and new wiper blade refills for the car. But I got tired of skidding around and having people ride on my tail, so I went home after getting the wiper blades. I called Steve while I was out and told him they weren't working well. He said just put the defrost on high and it should be okay. Ummmm not for me! Went to the car parts store and the clerk even put the new ones on. The driver side blade was actually broken! hmmmmm...maybe THAT's why they weren't working too well? LOL Well, they work great now! But I still came home because I get to be too much of a Nervous Nelly driving when I know I can slide right through a stoplight despite my best efforts.

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