Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Video Tutorial!

Wow, I finally got something to work this weekend! I created my first video tutorial after being inspired by Dawn's Stamping Thoughts blog and Kim's Clearly Inspired blog. Dawn adds video tutorials to her blog and I think it is a super idea. So much so, that I spent a lot of time working on this little project the past day or so. First, I discovered my digital camera saves videos as Quicktime files and those aren't compatible with the Movie Maker program that is already on my computer. After much searching, Steve found a program that converts the files to one I can use in Movie Maker, so I could "edit" ie, add captions. Once that was done, I thought I was set to upload the video. Ahhhhh not so, grasshopper! There was one more step that I didn't know about. Once I figured it out, I was good to go. I could upload to You Tube, but saw this nifty icon on my blogger task bar and thought I'd try it out.

The card I am showing is NOT my design. I cased the video tutorial Dawn has on her blog. Now I know not everyone has the time to check out all the blogs out there, so that is why I thought I'd try it for my first tutorial. I did use Close To My Heart products for the most part. I also used a stamp from Papertrey Ink.

So, after all that, here it is. I hope you enjoy it! I want to thank Dawn G and Kim B for inspiring me to do this. Who knows, if you like it, maybe, just maybe I'll do some more! :o) If you hate it, just be gentle with me, k?


Kathi Carlson said...

I am so impressed!!!! It was great! I won't be trying it, however. I write speeches. I don't give them!!! Besides, I'm not techie enough for a video. I couldn't figure out how to use a paper corrugater earlier today . . . Man (figure of speech), you blow me away!!! Do some more . . . How fun!

Dawn griffith said...

Fabulous Video girlie .. Your rockin the video :-) videos are sooo much fun!
Thanks for the sweet comment
Dawn Griffith

Diane D. said...

Thanks for sharing - it's a great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Video! I hope you will continue to do more of them!

claudia d

Wendy Tunison said...

This is awesome! I'm so exited and I hope you'll do more in the future. Everything was wonderful and informative and the fact that you put your little commentary on there after the fact was so fun! I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much!

Allie Gower - Crafternoons said...


Yes, please do more.

I would love to learn to add these to my blog too. I guess first I need a camera that does longer than 30 second videos, or do some REALLY short techniques!

Thanks to Inkin and Thinkin for sending me your way!


Donna said...

what a great card and good job on the tutorial, who cares if you coughed or stumbled over the right words or didn't have the finished project in the frame?! You did it and KUDOS A+ for you! going to have to try one soon (and I will link ya on my blog)

Anonymous said...

This is the best video tutorial I have seen. It was for me like being in your class,as I am the only stamper in Bali,Indonesia I am quite isolated for new techniques and ideas.
Thank you so much for sharing
Jogry Blok

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think you did a great job at explaining how to do this cute and very simple card. Thanks again so much! I did make the card after seeing it. I have to put the finishing touches on it!

Anonymous said...

I love your card....

I'm not a scrapper but my daughter I sent a link to her for this...

She is a CTMH consultant.

And a new blogger (that hasn't quite got the hang of daily

this is her address

I am a crafter, I do all sorts of crafts...which includes cards.

Thanks for sharing this with us.


Nicole said...

Thanks for this great tutorial. Here is my version of the card:
Nicole from Germany

Anonymous said...

Love it!!..i'll be making my mine soon..haha..

Mary Strauser said...

First time I was on your blog and love the video on the fun fold card can't wait to try it. I will be back again.
thanks for sharing the video

aventia said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for showing how to do it :) I will make one!

Mazhar Shah said...

Hi, Your cards is creating very good impression on the viewers, Especially on me..:)
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Teresa Arsenault said...

Great tutorial, Jeanne. Thanks! May I post this on my blog and link it back to your page?