Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Feet!

Well, here is the finished layout. I went in a new direction as you can see, but I am much happier with this version! I was looking through my Kay Miller page kits and at first looked over this one, but when I went through again later, I saw the happiness border and it clicked! Then I thought...oh... Happy Feet...that's a great title! And it flowed from there. I have completely fallen in love with Kay Miller Designs and Nitwit Collections. They just make me happy!

Template: Collection 13, Happy Hearts page kit Kay Miller Designs
Fonts: Pea Tracy and the heart is a doodle from Ali Edwards Fresh Fonts cd.

I've just downloaded some new kits from these sites so you'll see more soon!

Thanks for visiting! Create something to make you happy today.


Angela2932 said...

Well this layout makes me happy! (I've got this thing about feet, I'm beginning to think!!!!.....)

Kathi Carlson said...

Another awesome layout. Love the bright colors and cute socks. Hope there's a granddaughter in my future. Then, I'll need the second job for sure. LOL.

Clearly Inspired said...

Cute, cute, cute! Your layouts are so cute! Such bright cheery colors! Love it!

Rachel said...

I love this cute! I see that you use lots of templates...are they easy to use? I've found a few freebies on line but haven't really tried them yet. Planning on taking Jessica Sprague's class in March...can't wait.

I've started my own blog (don't know who's gonna look at it...but check it out if you want.

See ya!

Jackie said...

Oh these feet are just too cute....