Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No New Art Yet...Apparently I am Sick (ill, not twisted)

Well, maybe a little twisted...LOL

Okay, here's the deal. I must NOT be in tune with my body or something because my husband tells me that at night, when I am asleep, I have been having coughing attacks. I have NO recollection of this at all. One day last week he said I coughed so much, I even woke up one of the girls. He was amazed I didn't know what he was talking about. I chalked it up to being tired after dealing with sick kids. Well, apparently last night I had another one. Again, I have no recollection of this. So I am coughing up a storm IN MY SLEEP! I cough a little during the day, but nothing major. I don't have a fever, my throat doesn't hurt (although it did a little bit last week) and I generally feel just fine.

But, he thought I should have it checked out, so I went to the doctor this morning. And came away with a prescription for an antibiotic and cough suppresant pills! HUH? The doctor told me my ears are inflamed, my throat is irritated and I have a bronchial thing going on. Well, alrighty then. How is this possible when I feel fine? I don't know! I mean, I'm NOT surprised I have something going on, especially after how sick the girls were, but I am surprised that I don't have any symptoms (that I am aware of, after all I have only Steve's word that I am coughing so much at night-although I cannot fathom why he would make that up). Maybe I don't really feel fine and I am just not aware of it? Who knows? It just seems so odd to me to be told that I'm not well, when I feel well.

Dang, I had to tell Steve he was right! LOL



SusanD said...

I am so changing my middle name to Ann! Is there one shorter? Yes, Re.MMMM. I hope I can get this one done! I, too, have acute bronchitis, but have symptoms in the daytime. So, between that and eBay, not sure about the tag. This one sounds like fun, tho!

Linda said...

Feel better!

Jackie said... can you sleep thru that???? That stuff is nasty...get better fast