Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I got Tagged by Kathi but...

And I just don't have the energy to do the tag tonight, so I will work on it tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of me Kathi! :o)

About an hour after I dropped Amy off at school this morning, I got a call from the nurse telling me Amy was in her office. Apparently the pink eye flared up again. :o( When I took her to school she looked fine, but when I went to the school to give her some drops, I could see the crustiness forming and her eyes looked red. Poor thing! Well, I didn't want to leave her to expose the rest of the class any more, so I brought her home. Within a short time after coming home, her eyes looked a lot better. So, we'll keep doing the drops till the end of the week and see how she is doing.

Jess told me that her ear was hurting again, too. Argghhhhh. Well, I had some sweet oil in the cupboard, so I'm going to try using that (warmed up and put on a cotton ball) and see if it helps. It could have a placebo effect because she said it felt better when she went to bed. A mom and I were chatting at Jessica's school and we remembered that when we were young, we didn't go to the doctor for ear infections. Our moms heated up some oil and stuck cotton balls in our ears. I hope it works because I don't relish going BACK to the doctor again.

I was going to try to do something like the tag tonight, but Steve got a new video card for his computer today and that means I get what he takes out of the other computer put on the one I primarily use now. That always takes more time than you think it will. I have been fiddling with the settings to see if I can get the screen resolution to look more like it used to, but I haven't quite found the magic number yet. It may be that I need to just get used to a bit different look.

I'm sorry I don't have any artwork to share. I'm working on organizing my digital stash. Something I've neglected. While you don't have the physical mess of scrapbooking goodies, if you want to find your digi stuff, you do need to have it organized so you don't have to hunt for it. If I had been keeping up with it, I wouldn't have a sore shoulder and arm from tag, tag, tagging away. LOL I seem to be finally working on some organizing projects that got put aside last month.

Thanks for visiting. :o) Hope to have something new to show you soon!

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Felicia said...

That's awful that the girls can't seem to heal completely. Maybe I'll send them some Hawaiian sunshine to help ;)