Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

I saw on a blog that an idea for Leap Day is to get pictures of people leaping. Thought it was a cute idea and so I tried to get the girls to leap for me. It was harder than I thought to tell them to go ahead and jump and actually have them DO it! LOL Jessica wasn't in the mood, although she was happy to do some jumping jacks...unfortunately the picture is blurry! So, you'll have to be content with a couple of pictures of Amy. She was showing off her new found ability to actually jump rope as well as being overall goofy. And yep, took these today. She's wearing shorts because it felt warm enough to her to do so (it was in the low 60s today). Guess she is just as excited as anyone to have spring get here. Oh and I hear tomorrow we may get close to 70, with a chance of SNOW on Saturday night. HUH? That's Colorado for ya!

Hope you had a great "extra" day. Amy was off of school (district wide teacher work day). I got my teeth cleaned-and look, cavities! LOL We went to the Dollar Tree and Joann's afterwards, then a quick stop at Archiver's (sorry, Kathi) to use a coupon... Then home for lunch and some games with the girls and the above mentioned leaping adventure.
No creative projects today...everytime I tried to sneak time on the computer the girls decided it was time to fight and generally distract me. Maybe this weekend!


Jackie said...

great leaping pictures

Carol said...

How cute is your girl leaping!
Carol :-)