Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flip Flops, Burgers and Fun!

Happy Saturday to you! It's been a fun one in our neck of the woods, as we celebrated Amy's birthday with her friends this afternoon. I won't be showing pictures of other people's kids, but they had a blast on the slip 'n slide, throwing a frisbee, hula hooping and hitting the baseball. Oh and I can't forget the water balloon toss! I picked the right weekend day to have the party as the skies were clear (actually it felt kind of hot) and no thunder rumbled. Tomorrow they say we might get some severe weather. Whew...dodged the bullet there.

I thought you might like to see some of the goodies we made.
The girls helped top our "hamburgers" with sesame seeds. More on that in just a minute.
They also did a great job decorating the cupcakes with "sand and water" and adding a paper umbrella after I added some chocolate flip flops I had made. Close up of that is coming up.
Here are the "hamburgers." I got the idea from a couple of blogs. Here's a link to the type I made. I saw the idea for these on Kimberly Crawford's For the Love of Paper blog.
You have to have "fries" with your burger, right? The idea for these came from Bakerella here. What a great idea, huh? Sugar cookies! Who'd have thunk?
Here you can see the flip flops I made from a mold and fun colored chocolate wafers. I found the supplies at a store near Denver called Cake Craft. I've never done this type of thing before and think I sort of figured out a decent way to fill the mold. I melted the chocolate in the microwave, then stuck the chocolate in a baggie, snipped one corner very small and filled in the thongs. Let that set in the freezer for a bit and went back with a different color for the sandal part. I kept them in the fridge overnight and put them on the cupcakes just before the party. I tried brushing in the melted chocolate (like the gal at the cake store said), but it was more annoying and not too pretty, so I tried the baggie and got better results.
Amy and her guests had a very good time today and I'm very thankful for our friends who came and helped celebrate her birthday with us.

She got the coolest book called Alive I've got to show this to you...
When you open this page, you actually hear the heart thumping! The whole book is full of neat pop-ups and terrific information. With Amy's fascination with the human body, you KNOW this one is a favorite! One the cover, there's a drawing of a head and it shows part of the brain. You push a button and little lights go one all over the brain like the electrical impulses (I think). VERY cool! I'll have to try to get a picture of the color and post it in a new post. Thanks, Becky, Aaron and Julia for the awesome book!

Thank you for stopping by. I think now you know why I haven't been posting the past few days. Been kinda busy. LOL I hope your weekend is going just as well as ours.


Kathi Carlson said...

I guessed this is what you've been up to the last couple of days! How fun! I saw those little burgers and thought they were so cute. You outdid yourself in creating a party Amy will remember forever. Good job, Mom! Are you tired? LOL.

Sarah said...

Those burgers and fries are amazing. WOW
That book is awesome. I love the pic with the cool is that.
And of course your little cutie pies are sooo sweet!
Brilliant Jeanne.

Kim Burmeister said...

YUMMY! Those burgers and fries look like the real thing. The cupcakes look delicious too!

Cool book! You might have a doctor on your hands.

Alanna said...

All of those things are so amazing, the burgers, fries. You are a rockin' mom and I'm sure Amy and her friends will remember this special party for a long time.

Kariberry said...

WOW What cool treats! They are awesome! Oh and yoU may have a future Doctor in the family. So young and to have such a interest in the human body... Keep us posted! :)

Barb said...

Wow! What a fun day! I love those little burgers and fries! Too cute.

stampmonkey said...

You are the ultimate in FUN moms, Jeanne! I love all your creative ways to make your girls' lives so fun and memorable, and not just on special days like birthdays (though those are always extra special). I'm sure Amy and everyone else loved your sweet burgers, fries, and cupcakes...not to mention all the great games. Worth all the effort required! tfs

Anke said...

these are the awesomest!!! I had to bookmark that website for future use, how totally cool and yours turned out perfect! What a great idea. That book is something else. What a great mom you are