Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kelleigh’s Cupcake, Mary Englebreit Style…

First off, thank you for the very kind comments I’ve received about my angst over the girl's’ behavior in yesterday’s post. We are dealing with it and I think the girls understand what has made us so upset over their behavior choices and they accept the consequences we have handed down.

That being said, I decided today to work on a template I received as a freebie when I donated to the Stamp Out Alzheimer’s fundraiser. Kelleigh Ratzlaff is an extremely talented friend of mine and she created the template to make this neat cupcake box. You can find it in her shop here at The Digi Chick. I was inspired by this awesome cupcake created by Dana of Paper Daydream. You might just want to subscribe to her blog because she’s extremely creative, too!


Anyway, I was inspired by Dana’s work, but my effort definitely pales in comparison. There’s no way to sugar coat it, hers is gorgeous, mine….not so much! LOL I thought using the vellum was a brilliant idea, but when it came to adding sparkle, the only thing I had that I thought would work was a glittered clear glaze. So I added it after I score the circles and colored in the dots with markers. Not so smart on my part as the vellum started to curl (duh, Jeanne, it’s a wet medium….sheesh) Oh well. I soldiered on as best I could. I was trying to mimic the Mary Englebreit style, but don’t think I succeeded there either. I had to keep fighting the curling vellum, which makes the cupcake want to pop open. Ah well…I tried at least. Now I know. I’m sharing because I really like the whole cupcake box idea and wanted to let you know about it! The template itself is awesome and I know I will make more cupcakes. Thanks, Kelleigh, for designing it and making it available to everyone!

The plan is for this to be part of a gift, but I truly think I need to go back to the craft table and try again.


Template: Cupcake Box by Kelleigh R (Digi Chick)
Paper: Vellum, black cardstock (to which the old, old, old, I don’t even know who made it, pattern paper is adhered)
Accessories: Holiday Red, Clover Meadow markers (CTMH), Heart pin (Making Memories) beads…from my stash, red ribbon (Michaels), rick-rack (Walmart, I think)

Thanks ever so much for stopping by. I’m off to work on another part of the gift, something  that is progressing nicely, unlike this attempt. LOL



Kathi Carlson said...

How cotton-picking cute is that? I love it, and I love that fact that you're so adventurous ... even if it makes me feel incredibly ordinary. LOL. I understand your frustration with the vellum. It's beautiful but difficult to work with sometimes.

I'm glad to hear you got things squared away with the girls. Knew you would. Happy to hear the word "we," too, and know mom isn't the sole Discipline Czar in the Tomshack household. Two parents on the same page works best.

Thanks for sharing the link to the cupcake template. One of these days... maybe. LOL.

Sarah said...

I can't believe you scored all those circle dots and colored them!!! WOW.
Your cupcake IS gorgeous. Such a neat idea...thanks for posting all the links.

Sparkle said...

Very cute! I love them

stampmonkey said...

Jeanne, you're being too hard on yourself here -- this cupcake is darling (and very ME-style too) and I have no doubt that it would be loved as part of your intended gift. I rarely reach for vellum just because it can be tough to work with, but I think you did a beautiful job with it. And I love your beading at the top!

Glad you guys were able to come up with a good plan to deal with the girls' behavior...never easy, but SO necessary.

Alanna said...

You are so amazing Jeanne. Even though the idea wasn't yours, the fact that you are always getting right out there and working on some sort of project is so amazing. Now for me, I think the cupcake looks perfect.

Kelleigh said...

Jeanne, that is ADORABLE. What in the world are you talking about? I totally think it looks M.E., too!

It's so much fun to see you play with my templates!! YAY! Thanks!

AaronB said...

So cute. I tried one of Jennettes cupcakes and it ended up in the trash. I think I can handle this one. I will have to give it a try.

mE said...


This cupcake turned out way cute!!! I love the ME Style and Ric Rack! Don't be so hard on yourself! It's beautimous!

At least you sat down and created yesterday.... you know how I said I wanted to? Well... I sat down to create and my moxy took off. So I peeled it all apart and started over. Gotta find better solid color CS today. :)

Barb said...

Jeanne the what an absolutely adorable cuppie! You did a fabulous job with the vellum! So much patience you have. ME would be very impressed with your 'take' on her style. And I just LOVE the little heart on the top! So so cute. I have this template, but do you think I've ever pulled it out? NOPE. Like Kathi, one of these days...maybe.

Sounds like you and hubby have a great handle on the parenting thing.

Heather said...

Long time no see, Jeanne! I love what you've done with Kel's template. It's as scrumptious as can be!!!