Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweet Butterfly-Digi Layout

Back again!

The girls had been asking me ever since school let out, if we could go to the Butterfly Pavilion. They got some discount coupons as part of the Summer Reading Program at the library and I decided we could go today. I'm glad we went, as the butterflies were very active (much more so than in past visits). It was fun watching them flit and flutter around. One landed on Amy. This is the photo I was trying to get to work on the previous template. I like it better in the correct orientation.
I used a layered template from Kay Miller Designs' Collection 13. The page kit is called Blooming Crazy and was a collaborative design from Kay Miller and Manda Bean at Sweet Shoppe Designs. The font is Pea Tracy and the alpha is by Misty Cato and is called Homespun.

One of the reasons Amy really wanted to go is because she wanted to show me that she could indeed hold Rosie the Tarantula. I've got a decent photo, but it needs to be edited a bit before I upload it-it's kind of over-exposed...

Thanks for stopping by again! I sure appreciate your visits.



Kathi Carlson said...

Beautiful layout, Jeanne! I love the expression on Amy's face! What a great way to remember your adventure.

Sharli said...

Too Cute!!! I want a butterfly to land on me, too! I would feel so special and magical!

I'm going to mark my calendar for next spring - when Phoenix has the butterfly pavillion open at the gardens. I need to go!

I do love the layout - see how it has inspired me??

Anke said...

that's so beautiful Jeanne. Wasn't I just on your blog yesterday? How can you have 3 entries since then? Holy cow, you are fast!!! I am really trying to keep up :) I love the pages you did, they are all wonderful, of course I am partial to butterflies!

Sarah said...

So beautiful Jeanne! I love this.
I have a pic of Amy with almost the same expression on her face in a butterfly garden when one landed on her leg!!! It is my most used picture LOL.
We had terrible storms here today! the sky went black. fortunately no sirens though....Amy was a mess (So was Mom).
Take care!!!

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, this layout is wonderful! I love the butterfly house in Sioux Falls. I never got a pic with one sitting on the boys. This pic is priceless. Your layout is sooo pretty!

Laurel said...

Oh my, it is gorgeous!!!

-Julie said...

I can't wait to se a LO with Rosie in it! You always do great pages!

Sparkle said...

Your layout is gorgeous. I regret never going there while I lived in Denver.