Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Leap Day Layout

Well, I suppose I should have done and posted this yesterday, but oh well! Here's what I came up with for the photos I took of Amy and her leaping.

I picked up Misty Cato's Tangy Treats page kit at Scrapbook Elements because the colors are so me! (right, Felicia, Becky, Heather) And the colors in Amy's outfit fit perfectly! And really, it gave me a great excuse (not that I need one) to unzip the kit and use it! LOL No template for this one. It's ALL mine...and that's probably why I've been tweaking it for a couple of hours! (and why it may not look quite design worthy) But in the end I'm happy with it and wanted to share. Font is CK-Ali Writing, which I just downloaded from my CK newsletter. If you don't subscribe, click here to get the font.
That's it for now...who knows though...I may come back later with something else to share. :o)


Jackie said...

Great the pink

Kathi Carlson said...

Super cute photos and layout. Just think of how old those little girls will be when Leap Day rolls around again . . . No, don't think about it. Man, I just thought about how old I'll be. As they say in Minnesota, "Off da."