Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, it's done. I'm not sure I personally like it (because the neck doesn't look quite right to me), but Amy is happy and I guess that is what matters, right? Jessica wanted to snuggle for a while this morning and that allowed me the time to finish the hood. Then I was looking for my needle case (for a yarn needle) and couldn't find it. I finally did and finished sewing the two pieces together earlier this evening. Here's the final result.

100_5238100_5239  Sorry for the less than stellar photos...this is what I get for trying to take photos at night and after swim lessons where Amy's hair hasn't been brushed, I guess. Anyway you can get a decent idea of what it looks like.

I started on Jessica's using a different type of yarn, one that feels like suede. I got a few rounds done and noticed the stitches didn't look right, so I pulled it all out and will start again tomorrow (maybe). She says she wants one with a hood, too.

Being Monday, I worked on cleaning up this morning. Didn't get as far as I'd hoped(since Jessica wanted me to hang out with her), but managed to cross an item or two off my "to-do" list.

We just started a new swim lesson session. I switched the days so that Jessica can join a Daisy troop. The girls are back to Amy's class starting first and Jessica's  half an hour later. And this time both girls have the same instructor. She's a great one...she really gives the kids a workout and stresses good form and follow through.

I think that's it for today. One of these days I will get back to making cards &/or layouts, I promise! Thanks for stopping by!



Kathi Carlson said...

Cute!! And that's a million dollar smile on that little girl's face! Now, she's got a poncho and a story to tell her own little girl someday. Your tales of swim lessons, scouts, doing things for the girls bring back memories of a time that passed all too quickly. Whether you knit, scrap, stamp or work on the "list," enjoy tomorrow.

Clearly Inspired said...

It looks great! She is so proud of it too. I don't knit, sew or anything like it. Wow! You sure got this done quickly. Great job!

Barb W said...

Very nice! That was fast, too! I know you must be proud of your work and Kathi's right, your little one will now have a story to share. So, you're starting another one? Good for you, can't wait to see it!

gloria in Utah said...

FABULOUS!! Now that you know what you are doing, the second one shouldn't take as long..right?? (smile)

gloria in Utah

stampmonkey said...

Darling poncho, Jeanne! From the sweet smile I see there, it looks like she adores it, so you can't beat that! Great job, mom! ;)

Jen said...

very cute! I so stink at knitting, at least I can crochet! Anyway thanks for the support in my digital learning curve. Glad to hear input from someone who does it too. Where do you get your layouts printed at? Great layouts you've made btw!