Friday, November 7, 2008

New Profile Photo

I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but for that past few years I've had a really difficult time wearing any eye make-up. After I put it on, my eyes water and then the lid gets flaky. I've felt like I was continually messing with the goop in the corners of my eyes as well. So, I pretty much quit wearing make-up altogether. But, on the few occasions where I'd have my picture taken, I'd really dislike how I'd look w/o make up. I was chatting with Erin and she mentioned the mineral make up and maybe I needed to switch brands. It's possible, since I've worn the same brand pretty much since I started wearing make-up (and that's more years ago than I care to think about). Anyway, at the store this morning, I picked up a few new items of make-up, tried it on and decided to have a mini photo shoot. I took a TON of photos and even changed my shirt. (thanks for the tip, Erin) Here's the one I decided I liked the best after playing just a bit with it in PSE 5.0:


Hope this gives you an idea of what I look like these days.

Thanks for stopping by. Now I need to get back to the laundry...LOL




Carol said...

Your new photo is beautiful.

I wear mineral makeup and love it. I order from the States (they are only online) and you can try free samples to get the right colours. The link is
if you are interested.

Kathi Carlson said...

Beautiful photo! Darned if you don't have the prettiest blue eyes!!! I use Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation along with its mineral blush and eye shadow. I'm not convinced, however, that it's the "real deal," so I'd like to try the Bare Minerals or one of the others. At my age, I might need more "crack filler" though. LOL.

Gloria in Utah said...

Your new photo is wonderful.

I don't wear makeup much either. When I do, it's only for really special occasions. Probably twice a year. People are used to my look, so I'm not worried about it. (sigh) I have cracks to fill in too. LOL

gloria in Utah

Dawn said...

You look so beautiful!!! Wonderful photo! I try to stay away from when i feel i must it is Clinique..only stuff that doesn't make me itch!!

Furr said...

Absolutely STUNNING, Jeanne! :) Your eyes are BEAUTIFUL :)



stampmonkey said...

You look so beautiful, Jeanne! On those occasions when I wear makeup, I also use mineral makeup. I get mine from Whole Foods of all places. lol Hope your new makeup doesn't give you any problems.

Barb W said...

Hey! I love this new photo of you...I like the close-up-ness of it,that way I get to really see you. You have gorgeous eyes, they smile when you do.

I used to be a slave to my makeup, but no more. I wear it to church on Sundays and when I go on dates with My Man. For everyday I just use lipstick or gloss.

I hope this new brand works out for you. You look great!

Felicia Fernandez said...

OOOOOOHHHHHHH girl!!!! That is sexy! Your eyes just sparkle like I've never seen them. Absolutely, without a doubt a beautiful picture!!!