Sunday, November 9, 2008

Glittery Snowflake Card

After realizing just how wonderful that Jeweled Gold ep is, I set out to make a snowflake card. I was inspired to do this by the third card in this post made by Kathi. Her card reminded me I hadn't tested the Cuttlebug snowflake die I bought last month.

100_5225 100_5228 I cut out 4 snowflakes because the scrap I used had enough room for four. Remembering that my previous attempt to just add the Versamark and gold ep didn't work too well, and knowing I wanted to make a snowflake that looked different than the usual I decided to see what it would look like if I sponged a snowflake with Cosmic Copper ink by Tsukineko and added the Jeweled Gold ep. I LOVED how it came out. I ended up coloring another one so that I could attach it in the center of the cut out circle with clear thread. Actually I had to color a third one because you need to be sure to color on the correct side if you are going to put them back to back. Embarrassed

I used my circle Nestabilities to first cut the circle out of the card front. Then I used the same die nested in the next larger die to cut out the "border."  I taped them down to be sure the dies didn't shift around when going thru the machine. I sponged the border circle with the Cosmic Copper ink and used clear embossing powder so it looked a little different than the snowflake and set it aside. I ran the card front thru the Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dots embossing folder.

To attach the snowflake (sorry I didn't think to take pictures...hope my explanation helps) I ran adhesive the length of each "leg" of the snowflake. I went from the top to the bottom going thru the center. I carefully placed a length of clear thread across each "leg" (I don't know what the correct term would be) from top to bottom going thru the center and allowing the excess to extend beyond the snowflake. I added adhesive on the other snowflake to be sure the two would stick together and pressed them together sandwiching the clear thread between them. Then I got some photo splits and cut them down to narrow strips so that I could attach the thread onto the card front, being careful to keep within the 1/4 inch border that would cover the photo splits. I attached the top one first, went down to the bottom one to help keep the snowflake centered and worked my way around. Then I ran adhesive along the whole circle border and attached it on top of the thread. I cut off any excess thread extending beyond the border.

After I attached the snowflake I felt it needed a little something and I decided to add the coppery looking brad (from Hobby Lobby-Spare Parts, I think-I threw the packaging away). Using wire cutters, I cut off the prongs and attached it with a glue dot.

Then came the sentiment, which ended up being stamped with Versamark and embossed with Copper ep. I say ended up because my first attempt at the sentiment didn't work out so well and I had to cover it up. A couple of attempts later, this is what it ended up looking like. LOL

Can you imagine...with all the embossing attempts I made today...what my jeans, desk, and floor look like? Yep, I am all glitter-fied! LOL But oh so worth it, don't you think?


I had hoped to make another card today, but my creative time was interrupted by having to clean out our bedroom closet. We've had a mouse in the house for a few weeks now and our cat and dog are definitely not "mousers." Well, Steve saw the little critter in our closet the other day and set a trap. He wanted me to clean out the closet in an attempt to see why the mouse was in there. I forgot to do it the other day, so I stopped what I was doing to get it done. He took off to the store with the girls and I gingerly used the broom to pull out the shoes. It was quiet...and all of a sudden I heard noises that definitely sounded like the mouse moving around. Except to me it sounded like he was on the top shelf! Not wanting to come face to face with the thing, I closed the closet doors and shoved the shoes under the bottom opening and waited for Steve to get home to look for the mouse. He didn't believe me that the mouse was on the shelf and proceeded to pull off all the items up there. No mouse. I felt sort of silly being freaked out by the noise and got back to work cleaning out the floor on the other side of the closet. I started to move a box that holds my foot massager and I saw him scamper across the floor. I'm sorry to have to admit to letting out a loud scream when I saw him! Yes, I am a girl. Anyway, I yelled for Steve and he inspected the closet. It turns out we have a hole (that Steve cut out) in the back of the closet and that little sucker jumped through the hole, which is at least 5 inches from the floor! The hole wasn't small, just higher than I thought a mouse could jump. Steve said he saw it in the dead space behind the closet and covered up the hole. I'm happy to know he can't get back into the house, but am leery of him staying there, if you know what I mean. I hope this is the only mouse in our house...but will keep the traps out (the no view kind because I know what happens when we use the old fashioned kind-I get all girly and do the icky girly dance on my tippy toes-complete with ew, ew, ew squeals) for the time being...

And that episode led to clearing out some clothes by Steve that he no longer wanted, cleaning the floor and taking the unwanted items to the Goodwill so that they were gone before he could change his mind! When I got back from that I was able to make the snowflake card.

Whew...sorry this got so long! But I felt the need for full disclosure on why I couldn't get a third card made today. LOL  I hope you are giggling at my expense...because it is rather funny to be so girly over a mouse that is more afraid of me than I am of him.

Hope you have a great week!



Kathi Carlson said...

Sure, one up me with your "suspended" snowflake! You know I'm teasing. What a good idea. And BEAUTIFUL card!!! I have some really thin fish line in my ribbon box, and now I know why. You had embossing success and I didn't today. Bought some new copper powder and darned if the stuff doesn't leave color on the paper where it shouldn't. A couple of CTMH colors did that, too. Grr. As for your mouse story, I didn't giggle at your expense. Hopefully, he's gone for good and didn't leave any friends behind. As Mathias would say, "They're ceepy!" Have a good week, friend!

Carol said...

I am laughing at your mouse story, only because I am more of a girl than you. We tend to get one mouse every winter (our house backs onto bush) and I refuse to go into the room where mouse was seen until DH can assure me it has permanently left the building lol.

Anke said...

that is one lovely card with that snowflake, you are really talented! Way to go girl. I don't mind mice at all btw. One winter I captured them in live traps and kept them in an empty aquarium because it was cold outside and I felt sorry for them. I think I had about 20 at the end and they started fighting, so I took them into the mountains and released them. Don't tell anybody.....

stampmonkey said...

Your suspended snowflake card is soooo pretty -- bet it looks great when it spins around! I, too, am lovin' the look of that gold ep!

I hope your mouse is gone for good, though you may have to smell him for a while if he can't find a way back 'home.' (Don't ask me how I know.) I'm totally with you...rodents are near the top of my EWWWW! list.

Barb W said...

First of all,I think your cards are just beautiful! I am going to have to find some of the EP because I love the result you got. TFS!

And the mouse...LOL! We had a dead one in our garage and I refused to park the SUV in there for a week,until My Man could find out how it got in there. Yep. If one was in the house, I would definitely be doing the whole up on the tip toes 'girly' thing.

Clearly Inspired said...

Wow, Jeanne! Where do I start? I love the sentiment, the brad in the middle...the entire CARD! Great job!