Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Kind of Planet...Paper Craft Planet

My friend Kim has been posting about this new website called Paper Craft Planet and I joined the other day to see what it was all about. You can read about here on her blog. I'm still getting used to how it all works, but it looks like a hopping place to visit. Check it out!


Be sure you get out an vote today if you haven't already! Colorado has one of THE longest ballets this year, and I made sure to sign up for the mail in ballot so as not to feel rushed while deciding. I heard yesterday that over 60% of registered voters in CO have already voted either by mail in or early voting. I think the long lines of a few years ago impressed up voters to get 'r done early!


I didn't get into my corner yesterday. Sad Mainly because I spent the day cleaning around the house. Do you ever have those times where things are fine or seem fine, then you look around and wonder how the heck the house got to looking like a dump? Please tell me I'm not the only one! Anyway...I'm in one of those phases where I'm tired of the house looking neglected. Tends to happen on Mondays after a busy weekend where I don't pick up much because I'm too busy crafting or spending time with the family. (We went for a bike ride on Sunday to the "big" park, as my girls call it, near our Rec Center). Yesterday the bug bit me hard! I took care of a few things that have been niggling at me. Like the corner by our breakfast bar where I had piled a bunch of the girls' artwork. I finally weeded through it and got it down to a manageable size to fit into the tub I bought for that purpose. I then put the tub under our bed, so the corner looks decent to me (no one's said anything about it...maybe it was just bugging me!). I started cleaning in the bathroom and attacked the baseboards that get so dusty. When I looked up from the vantage point of work on the floor, I saw how nasty the walls looked in spots and decided to do some spot cleaning and that led to other cleaning spots and before I knew it, my day was spent. I know I'm not the most pristine housekeeper, but I've gotten lazy and need to step it up again!

Which brings me to my question...sad as it may be...the walls in our house are in need of a good cleaning...and I was wondering what you would recommend for the job? I think TSP is supposed to be good. I was using some of those surface wipes in the bathroom, but that could get pretty pricey...LOL. Any thoughts?

Oh and just to pass along this random tip...I read on a newsletter I get that a gal had a hard time cleaning her shower walls (like I do...) and she discovered those surface cleaning wipes (she gets hers at Costco) work really well. Just use them when the shower is dry. I'm gonna try it!


I guess that's enough of a rambling post...thanks if you've actually read it!

Maybe today I'll get some crafting done...or more cleaning! We shall see!



Anke said...

Any time you feel this urge to clean come on, just hop over here, you will find plenty of inspiration. WE don't even look at walls anymore, LOL.

Kathi Carlson said...

I need to sign up for Paper Craft Planet. It looks like fun. As for cleaning, I just use an all-purpose cleaner and for tough spots those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work really well. There has been some negative publicity on those things, but I don't give them to the kids nor do I stick them in my mouth. LOL. I need to do some cleaning this weekend. My whole den probably looks like the area by your breakfast bar. Stack of "stuff" everywhere. Yuck.

stampmonkey said...

I think I'd go with the TSP -- works well and is inexpensive. I've used the Magic Erasers for things like crayons or other 'stains' on the walls, but they tend to leave a dull surface on things like doors or casings.

Thanks for the tip on the cleaning wipes for the shower walls. I've been using the daily shower sprays, and they work fairly well, but the cost can add up as it goes quickly.

We voted via Absentee Ballot and I turned them in a week earlier than the election. No rush, no lines. I won't do it any other way from now on.