Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amigurumi Butterfly!

Happy Sunday morning to you!

Jessica has been literally hounding me for the past few days for a new critter. First, she wanted a giraffe, then she thought she wanted a hot pink kitty (I think because I made these two critters this week, the giraffe for Amy and the kitty for the birthday girl yesterday) and I showed her a picture of a cute butterfly in one of my books. I would be willing to make her a giraffe and kitty in time, but after having made two of each now, I wanted a break from the patterns. The butterfly in this book is partially what drew me in to purchase the book.

I have to confess however, if this was my first Amigurumi attempt, I may never have gotten into making these critters. Thanks to my crocheting experience, I was able to finagle the wings despite a very poorly executed pattern in the book. They alone have made this a one time project. It came out very cute, but this project wasn't nearly as much fun to create as the others have been.

Without further comment, here you go!


The very happy Jessica with her new friend.



Thanks for stopping by. My plan is to work on creating some new things, so try back later today and see what I manage to finish!

Have an awesome Sunday!



mE said...


You have got to start selling these in an Etsy shop! I love that butterfly... it's beautiful and "almost" as cute as my cupcake!! *grin* (Which is now sitting on display in my almost done studio!)

I love these little armigurumi critters!

Kathi Carlson said...

Cute! I second Erin's suggestion about the Etsy shop. You could "fund" all those punches! LOL. Have a great day, friend!

-Julie said...

That is so cute!!

Carol said...

Jeanne I had an idea and I came on here to tell you and mE beat me to it!
You should open an etsy shop and sell these things and your cards. I know I definitely would buy some!

Clearly Inspired said...

This is so cute! You sure are talented. I agree with Erin too! My cupcake is sitting on my craft table. I think of you every time I see it. Thanks!

These critters are so cute! Let me know when you decide to sell on the Etsy shop!

stampmonkey said...

Very sweet pic of Jessica and your new DARLING creation, Jeanne!! You're soooo good at this!