Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gold Star Birthday Card

Hello again! Well, I wandered into my little corner this afternoon to see if I could figure out a way to make this starburst, but without the tag punches (because I don't own them). That didn't turn out like I had hoped, although I might end up with something to show another time. I'm trying to use square punches, so we'll see what happens.

Since that wasn't working out, I thought I'd try another technique to make a card. Back in October, Becca Feeken posted this card with a simply stunning origami star. I contacted her to try to find a pattern to make one for myself. She said she was going to try to create a tutorial and I waited patiently. In the meantime I would do internet searches to see if I could find a similar star. I didn't have any luck. Then, last Friday, I got an email from Becca letting me know that she wasn't able to create a tutorial, but she did give me the information on the book she used. It's called The Origami Handbook by Rick Beech. The ISBN of her version is 0-681-32320-5. She thought it might be at my local library. Lo and behold it was and it was available to check out. Whooo hooo! I picked it up the other day and tried a sample star using copy paper. It wasn't working out at one step, so I put it aside. This afternoon I tried to figure it out again and had success. 

Tomorrow is Steve's birthday and I thought a "gold star" was in order, LOL. I'm pretty pleased with out this one turned out. (by the way, I'm trying out a bit larger of an image size. Let me know if it causes any problems on your end)


I can definitely say that this looks much nicer in person. I used a gold metallic paper for the stars (I made three) that I picked up at Michaels and it's from the Paper Company. I cut the paper into 4 inch squares so it would fit on a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card base. The brown metallic cardstock is from Archiver's (before I realized Michaels sells the same brand) and is also from the Paper Company. The center is a button I picked up at Joann's. Right now all their buttons are 50% off (til Sunday). I cut the shank off and adhered it with a glue dot. I picked up some gold self adhesive bling at Michaels in the scrapbooking aisle. The sheets have several sizes and are only $1.99, a far better deal than the $3-4 for a similar item at Archiver's. Becca shared that she uses these on her cards and that she picks them up at Michaels. Thanks, Becca! All these items were purchased before my "non resolution" took effect...LOL The Happy Birthday is stamped in Black and is from Papertrey Ink's Birthday Basics set.

I think that's it! Thanks for stopping by. I may try to get a better photo of this tomorrow, when the light is better. We'll see!

Have a great night!



Kathi Carlson said...

For all our similarities, you are much more daring, my friend. It must be your youth! Beautiful card!! And, I love the way you're always trying something new. You inspire me.

Anke said...

I think it looks wonderful! That star is awesome, especially the center. Tell hubby Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Jeannie, I love the card and your stars look marvelous!!! They are not too hard when you are able to sit down with the directions but to try to explain them to someone - aarrgh!! These are so pretty and thankfully they can be used throughout the year...get ready for Fourth of July, right?
Hugs, Becca

stampmonkey said...

Happy New Year, Jeanne! I think you did a great job with the origami star, and I'm sure Steve will love his special card from you.

I absolutely LOVE the bunny slippers you made, and the look on Amy's face and her comment about the elves' knitting them for her was priceless! You did a beautiful job with them, and Jessica's poncho and the various critters you've made. You really are crafty, and obviously not just with cards and digi-scrapping! Thanks soooo much for always sharing your crafy goodness with us here. It's fun to see!

I'm with you on the trying to spend a LOT less this year and using what I have. Although five of us drove out to that new Michael's (great directions, btw -- thanks!), and we ALL spent a LLLOOOTTT more than we should have. That place is dangerous, I tell ya! I guess you had warned us of that in your post about it, but I must've forgotten. lol

Well, sorry I've been so absent here...I'll try to be better now that the holidays are over. ;)

Big hugs to you!

Barb W said...

Bravo, Jeanne! Your star turned out beautifully! Thanks for putting the book info in your girls and I love origami, never thought to incorporate that into my card making though. Good idea!