Friday, January 30, 2009

Paper Piercing Medallion Card

Happy Friday to you!  Were you wondering if I fell off the planet? LOL Nah...I've just been busier than anticipated and haven't been able to complete cards I'm working on.

So just what have I been doing you may be wondering...let's just say I have more ideas of things I want to create than I can implement! I think I have a bit of creative attention deficit. You have seen how I am liking creating crocheted/stitched embellishments. That has kind of shot off into other directions. One look I REALLY like is paper piercing or paper pricking. Not a difficult technique, but finding templates other than online has proven to be difficult. I was spending time this week Googling this and that and came across a couple of websites that have nicely fed my desire to practice this technique. One in particular struck me hard. Fred-She-Said is a blog with an interesting name and even more interesting products! Click here to see what inspired the card I am sharing today...well card front for right now. I was loving the paper piercing and I think I have a thing for medallions. Then look around the blog and see if it doesn't inspire you in some way.

Here's the card...


Now, my original plan was to color three layers of this medallion (downloaded and printed onto cardstock) and stack them like the author did. But, it was taking me way longer than I thought to just color (using pencils and odorless mineral spirits) in one layer, so for now that is all it is. But the layer is pop dotted for a little dimension. Isn't that piercing just the coolest? I think so! It takes time, but I think it is oh, so worth it.

I don't think you can see it very well unless you enlarge the picture, but I stumbled across some of the Shimmerz paints that have been popular recently. Yes, I know I could have ordered it online, but somehow never got around to it. I needed to get a prescription filled at the pharmacy (everyone's fine and healthy, no worries) and there is a small independent scrapbook store right by the pharmacy. I used the drive-up window and decided to pop into this store while waiting for the scrip to be filled. THAT's where I found the Shimmerz! I couldn't resist and bought the pink and white. I used both on here and I wonder if you can see it. It's very subtle.

The dp is Basic Grey's Bittersweet and while the colors aren't a match I think they coordinate fairly well.

I also got a very nice surprise in the mail from Kathi. Thank you SO much, my friend! I love it all! She made the card (the cardstock is it), the calendar and the origami box and she included the stampset she used for the calendar so I can make sets for next year...awesome! The book is wonderful too and just warms my heart! Love it, love it, love it!


Well, that's going to do it from me for right now. I hope you have an awesome weekend...oh wait...been meaning to share that I think (hope and pray) that we are mouse-free now! I have been afraid to say anything for fear another one would show up, but I haven't seen signs of one for a couple of maybe they are all gone! (either that or they are laying low, lulling me into a false sense of security). Maybe I should think of other ways to detail silly things that will entertain you??

Okay, now that's it for now! I am hoping that I will get lots of time to create this weekend! Check back and see if I am successful.



Kathi Carlson said...

I am amazed! LOL. Seriously, I am. Your card is lovely! I love the piercing and have long admired the flowers and medallions on the Fred-She-Said blog. The paper looks great. If I'm not mistaken, I have a pad of that Bittersweet paper in a box that arrived today from Busy Bee Scrapbooking! As for that little box, it doesn't look too bad. Next time, however, I'll send a box IN a box. LOL. Have a great weekend, friend!

Clearly Inspired said...

Wow, Jeanne! Your paper piercing is fabulous! Great card!

Barb W said...

Stunning card, Jeanne! I love visiting your make me want to try new things.

peata said...

sweet card.