Thursday, January 22, 2009

Craft Corner Is Evolving...

Hi there! I'm sorry that I don't have any new cards to share today, but I did work in my craft up and adding some things to hopefully make it a more efficient workspace for me. I tried working on a card yesterday, but I had about a 6x6 inch square open space to work in and that simply isn't conducive to being able to be creative.

Lauren Meader, of My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence blog, posted a video of her craft space earlier this week and I watched in awe. I completely expected her to have this fancy, shmancy studio with all the bells and whistles. And I was so pleasantly surprised to see that my assumption was incorrect. She works in a small space. A very organized and jam-packed small space. She graciously gives a tour of her space and details what she uses and why she likes it. It gave me inspiration to go shop my stash and make a quick run to Goodwill where I found some good organizational items for a grand total of $7!

Here's what my corner looks like as of just a little bit ago. I'm not done yet (are we ever done in the evolution of a crafting space?) but I got enough of a start that I wanted to share.


You can see here that I've found a couple of wire shelf units to add to the storage on my table top. I was being over run with goodies. And with the printouts I use as inspiration for my cards (no computer in this room). That pink basket on the left holds printouts and idea books. The white basket next to it holds my pop dots and glue dots. The next white basket holds beads and goodies to make those great looking pins I keep seeing on cards. Next to that, under the shelf is a basket to hold pens. Directly above that pink basket is my new button jar. I decided to house them off the packaging and even snipped the shanks off of all of them so they are ready to be used. The jar was in the garage. Next to that is a ceramic container from my friend Kelly and it holds some of the metal goodies I've been collecting. Right behind that is the basket that holds my rhinestones. I put my lamp on the shelves and I like that it is a bit higher and hopefully will give me a little bit better lighting while I work. It's hidden by stuff in front of it but on the right side of the black shelves is a black wire utensil holder. This, in addition to the wire shelves and the white corner plate holder unit, is what I picked up at Goodwill yesterday. It hooks onto the black shelf. If you look closely, you can see some scissors poking up from the unit. I moved my tool caddy from Pampered Chef onto the top of the corner unit and tucked a bunch of my smaller items on the shelves. I pulled a couple of short shelves from the garage to house items and get stuff off of the floor.


I pulled this book shelf and the 3 shelf unit in from the garage. My original thought was to stack the two bookshelves, but one was too narrow. So I moved that smaller one by my table (see first picture) with the shelves facing inside the table. I've moved my paper holders to fit on the bottom of both bookshelves. As you can see, I'm not fully done here, but I feel like I definitely have more storage space for all the little odds and ends I had taking up valuable real estate on my table.

I showed Steve when he got home from work and even he said it looked a lot neater. I have a shelf I want to hang on the can sort of see it on the far right of the second photo. I want to showcase cards and stuff on it.

ETA: I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have for improving my space. Please share!

In addition to this behinds the scenes organizing, I was able to finish Amy's giraffe today! She was ecstatic when she saw me holding it while waiting for her to come out from her class. It looks just like the one I made for Hattie. Now Jessica wants one! LOL

That's it from me today. Hope your Thursday was a good one. We've enjoyed near record warmth these past few days, but it is slated to come to an end tomorrow with a 35-40 degree (F) temperature drop. Wonder if my urge to spring clean will disappear as well...

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Kathi Carlson said...

Your corner is looking good, my friend! Maybe there's hope for me! I'll have to go back and watch Lauren's video, too. I didn't check it out, because I, too, expected something fancy and didn't want to get depressed. LOL. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to see if I can't stretch my small space a bit, too!

Clearly Inspired said...

Your creating space is so organized. Do you like it better than the garage? I think it looks great. Just think, you don't have to waste time getting up and go to cupboards to find something. It is all right there. Now, I can't wait to see what you create next.

gloria in Utah :) said...

I am in awe. I have an organized mess...only I know where everything is. It's so bad that when I do clean it, my husband claims that someone broke into the house and made a neatness. NO KIDDING!!! LOL I have a friend that put a curtain rod above her work space and hangs her work on it. She puts her work in a plastic baggie, has cut holes with her cropadile, and then hangs it with yarn. ( I know you have alot of that hanging around) The curtain rod is something she got at a garage sale and cost her a buck. It looks like wood. Very classy. The beauty of her system is that she can extend the curtain rod if she has alot to show off. It's on hooks so you can expand it. Do you understand what I'm talking about?? If not, write me privately and I will try to find a picture to show you. Great space!!

gloria in Utah :)