Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Amy's Hooded Poncho~Take 3 & Other News...

I've finished my 3rd attempt at the hooded poncho. Actually I finished the other day, but didn't get to take a photo until this morning. Remember I made one for Amy, then Jess and now this because I absolutely did not like the previous ones. I figured out the mistakes I made before and this final version looks better. Still not terrific, but better. For one, it's longer! Even Amy commented on that. I still think she looks sort of like she's in a cocoon but I like the colors and the stripes. (btw, she chose to sit in the chair by my computer - don't mind the mess behind herEmbarrassed). I'm relieved to have completed a decent looking hooded poncho, but I think I am done with this pattern! LOL

100_5477 100_5478

And onto other news....I have to say, it was too good to be true. As much as I'd hoped we were done with mice, alas, we are not. We had a couple of quiet days, but the other night as I was sitting on the couch, knitting, I heard an unmistakable scratching noise. Remember, we have our couch in front of two very tall book cases (that are side by side). I looked behind the couch in the open shelves, no mouse. Under the couch, no mouse. BEHIND the bookshelves....MOUSE! Erggggghhhhh. The space is maybe 3/4 of an inch between the back of the shelf and the wall! Of course he was closer to the end of the second one, which is more difficult to pull out. Drat. Re-baited traps both conventional and tube ones and so far he's not falling for them. Double drat. I didn't hear him last night, but maybe he was regrouping. I was pretty tired though, so I might have dozed off...

Why was I so tired? The girls went back to school yesterday and I was busy all day (but don't have much to show for the busy-ness). Up to and including a last minute run to the doctor's office for Jessica, who at 4:15 started wailing that her ear hurt. Got in at 4:45 and sure enough, she has an ear infection. Sigh. Go from the doctor's office to the pharmacy, but they had only just gotten the fax of the prescription. It's now 5:55pm. Amy has a Brownie meeting at 6pm. Run home quick (Pharmacy is just up the street from home and Steve got home from work before us and started a quick dinner) and eat quickly. Luckily the Brownie meeting is also only a few minutes from our house. Get there in good time. It's an informational meeting, so it only lasted an hour. Took Amy home and went back to the pharmacy to get Jessica's amoxicillin. Got home gave her a dose and then hung out on the couch the rest of the night. Thankfully, she slept all night (in the past she's been awake all night when she has an infection) and no fever today, so she went to school. No swim lessons for her though until next week, even though she tells me her ear no longer hurts.

There are so many projects I want to work on, but haven't had an opportunity to get started! Hopefully, things will start to settle down and I can get creative. LOL

Thanks for stopping by...hope you are having a great week!


Clearly Inspired said...

I think the hooded poncho looks great! You are too critical of your fine work.

Your mouse stories...I am glad they are not me. I hope you get rid of those critters soon. Yucky!

Zac said...

Your hooded poncho is great. I admire your ability.

I pity you with those pesty little critters hanging around. You seem pretty brave to me, if I suspect a mouse I sit on a couch and scream for DH.

You asked was adapting to the snow easy - that is no problem but I have trouble shopping. In Edmonton I didn't buy a lot because I couldn't think about buying winter gear when I know that I will be back to summer gear soon lol. It is usually the heat that hits us when we get off the plane at home. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Carol said...

oops, sorry the Zac comment was me (Carol) I was on his computer and logged in as him. Sorry.

Kathi Carlson said...

Amy's poncho looks great as does the smile on her sweet face! As for the mouse, I hope he/she takes the bait soon! Take care.

AaronB said...

Cute poncho, someday I want to learn to knit.
I hope the mice leave soon!

Sonja said...

Oh, I so feel for you with the mice!!!
Not that long ago I had one in my scraproom. Little guy runs so fast, and can squeeze almost anywhere:) I tried to catch him though. (after I screamed like the female that I am,lol)
We put a glob of peanut butter over night in 3 or 4 places along the walls, and the next morning we went down to check on the traps. Caught him in our pantry!!
I was not looking forward to being down in my room knowing he was free to go where he chooses.
Uggh, I hope you catch him soon!!!

Anke said...

Love the poncho! As for the mice, you need a cat! I have a funny story, years back we had mice and I couldn't stand to kill them, so I caught them in live traps but since it was winter didn't release them, but kept them in an old aquarium. I wound up having a lot of them and they started squibbling, so I finally took them all to a state park and released them there. I know I am nuts and probably wouldn't do that today. Just thought I'd share another option for you :)

Jackie said...

that poncho is great...never saw one with a hood..very cool

stampmonkey said...

You did a great job with the poncho, Jeanne!! I'm very impressed! And it looks like Amy really likes it too -- You SCOREd, girlfriend!

What's gonna happen when you end up catching all these li'l critters? You're gonna have to come up with something else to entertain us with in between sharing all your creations. ;)

Barb W said...

Beautiful poncho, Jeanne. Your little darling seems very pleased. You get the 'Good Job, Mommy' award for the day! TFS