Monday, January 19, 2009

It Wasn't ME!

Remember when I said yesterday that I gave up on the knitting project I was working on because it just wasn't working out right? I had emailed the author of the book and Nona both to see if there was a problem with the pattern. I hadn't heard back from the author, but Nona responded once she got back from the CTMH Album Retreat and said that she didn't remember having any issues with the pattern. I thanked her and told her I was giving up on the project. Then she emailed again and said that she just remembered there were corrections to the pattern and she very kindly included them in the email. Her book had been reprinted with the corrections, but I apparently have an issue that didn't have the corrections. The first corrected round was the round that had been giving me fits!! And if I made it past that round the other corrected round gave me fits, too. Whew! It wasn't me being a dork, it was the pattern!

So I took a deep breath and started the project ALL OVER AGAIN to see if the corrections would help. They DID! Yippeee! I was so excited. The girls didn't have school today and after a quick trip to the Butterfly Pavilion, I've been knitting up a storm since I got Nona's email with the corrections.

I'm ecstatic to report that I have completed the project! Yes, completed! Enjoy the Lotus Blossom hat being modeled by one of the cutest models around.



I think you can see why I couldn't fudge around with this pattern. LOL I've tried the hat on and it fits me just fine and I'm so happy. It's going to be a gift and needs to get mailed out soon. That's why it's been bugging me that I couldn't get it to work.

And...just a little while ago I got a response from the author telling me the corrections are posted on her website. I had looked around but didn't see any. I looked again today and figured out where they were (they weren't in a very obvious location, I don't think). Man, I wish I'd found them sooner, I could have saved myself days of frustration! Oh well. I was able to get this done and it will be on the way to the recipient very soon.

Thanks so much for visiting!



nonapearl said...

Very beautiful Jeanne! I love that chocolate brown color... so Yummy!

Glad I could be of help!

=) Nona

Wendy said...

This turned out just beautifully. I am so very much in awe of your talent. This hat is just too cute...I love the brown too!

ps. Your daughter is so adorable...great smile!

Anke said...

Oh my gosh, it looks awesome!!! Good for you to be so persistent and get to the bottom of it. I can't believe how fast you got this done!!!

Clearly Inspired said...

Looks good, Jeanne! Love the brown! Your daughters are getting used to being your models. The take great pics!

AaronB said...

Very nice. The brown color is beautiful.

stampmonkey said...

Jeanne, it's soooo pretty!! I love that muted brown color, and the style is really cute. Looks great on your sweet little one there too -- bet she's bummed that she doesn't get to keep it. ;)

I'm glad you didn't give up on the project -- your determination paid off BIG time! You go, girl!

Barb W said...

Pretty! Pretty! Such a great color, too!

Kathi Carlson said...

Cute model! And, very nice hat - great color, too. While I don't know a thing about knitting, I can see how an error in the directions would throw you off on this one. Great job!!