Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paisley Heart Valentine's Card

Happy Sunday to you!

I have to start off by saying, I caved. So much for resolutions. I went out and got the new Basic Grey Bittersweet 6x6 paper pad. Maybe it helps that I used a coupon? LOL Anyway, I wanted to play with a set I picked up at Archiver's recently~where I got the BG paper pad~called Paisley Spring. It's a Stampendous set, and an Archiver's exclusive, so I don't think you'll see it elsewhere. I'm having a lot of fun practicing my coloring with pencils and blending with odorless mineral spirits. What do you think?


I tried to use colors that are in the Bittersweet paper and think I did okay. All of the paper is from the paper pack. I also recently picked up (with a coupon) Martha Stewart's new lace hearts edge punch~sorry, it is just too pretty to pass up. I think it's a versatile punch too, so I should get some good use from it. The card is definitely pretty straightforward. The little heart by the sentiment is a punch out of the hearts from the edge punch. The hearts at the top are a total and complete impulse buy when I picked up the paper pack. They had them on display at the checkout, just like they get you at the grocery store! LOL

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my cards from yesterday. I made the red heart card, start to finish yesterday. I think it may have taken about 30 minutes to do the stitching. It probably took a little longer to stitch the three hearts. I worked on cards for most of the afternoon yesterday and even had done something that ended up in the trash can, so I don't think it takes too long to do the stitching. Maybe along the same lines as coloring an image. And for Gloria who wondered what the insides of the cards look like...were I a better crafter, I would definitely finish up the cards on the inside, but alas generally, I don't. It's something I think about from time to time, though. Maybe I should try harder to "finish" the cards I make. We'll see.

As for the knitting project...I gave up and pulled it out. This pattern got the better of me. It's not that it was all that difficult stitch wise, but I kept ending up with extra stitches at the end of a round, even when I started out with the right number at the start of the round. What that means is the pattern for that row gets all messed up. Most of the time you can fudge around with a mistake or two, but for this project fudging wasn't going to cut it. I even started from scratch AGAIN and had problems at the same point of the project as I've been having. So, I gave up and am moving on. It was just getting too frustrating encountering the same problem again and again, to the point that I would do a stitch, look at the pattern, do the next stitch, look at the pattern, do the next stitch very slowly so the pattern would come out right. It's ultimately not worth the frustration I was feeling over it. Maybe another time I'll attempt it again. Oh and I know it is a pattern that is correct, because Nona made the same thing and didn't have the problems I am having. So it's definitely operator error. Moving on now. My girls are pestering me for giraffes, and I have several other projects I want to work on so it's not the end of my knitting world. LOL

With that, I will close for now. Hope you have a great Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!



Clearly Inspired said...

Great card, Jeanne! Your coloring is fantastic. Love the paper and your heart punch. Just beautiful!

Anke said...

my gosh Jeanne, you are a card making machine!!!! this one is lovely too!

Kathi Carlson said...

Another beautiful card, Jeanne! You've got the coloring down - very nice! Love the paper. Hadn't seen that one yet. That punch is very cool, too. Maybe it will show up at Wal-Mart one of these days. If it does, I'm sure it will jump right off the shelf and into my cart. LOL. As for the knitting, the next time you go back to it, it will probably work out.

stampmonkey said...

I LOVE this card, Jeanne!! That stamp is sooo cute, your coloring is great, and the paper is beautiful. And you're right- that border punch is too pretty to pass up (I'll be on the hunt next time I go out...with a coupon, of course -lol)!

Carol said...

I agree, it is another gorgeous card. You blow me away with how talented you are.

Barb W said...

Wow! Oh Wow! You are on FIRE, girlie! This is sooo pretty! I picked up a few pieces of this paper from my LSS a few weeks ago, can't wait to get at it! LOVE what you've done here.