Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crocheted Heart Card

I have had this idea in my head for a while and finally got to try it out today! I found a pattern online for a crocheted heart swag that I fell in love with. I wondered how it would translate to create just one of the hearts and put it on a card. Now I know...


What do you think? I know the card itself is fairly simple, but all the ideas I thought of seemed to detract from the heart. I used a pink bedspread weight cotton thread. It took a little longer than I anticipated to get the heart finished, but only because I hadn't done this pattern before. The second round confused me a little as there were a lot of stitches and the directions were written in paragraph form. Once I wrote them out line by line, it worked much more smoothly. After I finished crocheting, I ironed the piece so it would lay flat. To do this I put it face down on a hand towel and ironed on the cotton setting, being sure to keep the iron moving and not snag the scallops. You put it face down so that the texture on the front side won't be flattened by the iron.

To attach the heart to the card, I used clear thread and poked holes in the cardstock so they would be hidden by the outer scallops. I brought my needle up through the hole from the backside and back down again through the same hole, bringing the clear thread over the top of the scallops. It worked perfectly, except for the fact that I got my finger in the way one time and poked my finger with the needle! Ouch! Dr. Jessica got me a band-aid and fixed me right up, though. The girls have discovered all the glitter I own and have been having a field day decorating with the glitter. Yes, I think we'll see sparklies for a long time now. Jess was sitting right by me when I poked my finger and was quick to respond.

The dp is called Sabrina and it's from Making Memories. I found it at Michaels earlier this month and have been itching to use it. I love the pink, cream and black together. And if you will notice, I am no longer lacking black pearls! I took a quick run to Archiver's after my morning chores and picked some up.  I also used that new Martha Stewart heart edge punch.

I decided to leave the card front sentiment-less for now. I worried that putting one on the front would also detract from the heart. Any thoughts on that?

I got a later start on this project than I thought, so it's all I was able to create today. I am very happy with the result though and my mind is spinning with the possibilities this opens up for me in terms of crocheting items to use on cards!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have had a relaxing and productive weekend!



Alanna said...

WOW. You are taking card making into a whole new level. This is so pretty and delicate. Very special. I think a small sentiment in the bottom righthand corner stamped in black might look okay.

Kathi Carlson said...

This was ALL you got a chance to do today? Were I to finish a masterpiece in a day, I'd be pretty darned pleased with myself! Your card is magnificent. As for what else you can do with crochet and cards, the new White Daisy Mini-Medley Accents include some very cute little crochet flowers. Again, this card is wonderful!!!

nonapearl said...

very pretty!

=) Nona

Clearly Inspired said...

Jeanne, this is very pretty! Don't ya just love when you can get an idea out of your head and onto paper? I think your card is perfect. The crocheted heart is so elegant that the card compliments it. Great job!

mE said...


This is beautiful! Is this the idea you were itching to do yesterday? Hehehe! I LOVE IT. I love the daintiness of the heart!

You asked about a sentiment... I think you could totally do it... put a simple two or three word phrase on a small white paper with a nice small mat in a solid color that is the same/similar to the pink dp. maybe attach it so that the right side of the sentiment and mat lines up with the bottom right side of the card. I think you could totally get away with that :)


PS... Stop making me want to find my crochet hooks, will ya? I have enough projects... lol!

Barb W said...

So so pretty, Jeanne! I love hearts and crochet, you've paired them together very nicely. These colors are very pretty too! You're really kicking your card making up a notch! LOL! Keep creating!

stampmonkey said...

VERY cool, Jeanne!! I love the look of that crocheted heart -- looks so intricate, and such a beautiful shade of pink! Great job in letting it be the focal point. Heck, you could put it on the front of a card all by itself without looking like it's missing something. I'm just SO impressed with how diverse your talents are, and how much you seem to get done in a day! You're definitely inspiring! ;)