Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog Candy Alert...

A super sweet blogger named Sarah has a blog called Sarah's Paper Tray. She's only been blogging a couple of months and has 2000 hits already! Awesome! She has a daughter named Amy as well, which makes her extra special in my book. :) Anyway, it's been SO fun getting to know her a little through her blog and comments.

She is offering some fun candy so go check it out here...and she told me I HAD to enter. I don't usually partake in trying for blog candy because I don't offer it on my blog. I don't think it's too nice to try for something if you don't reciprocate. But I don't want to disappoint my new friend, so I'm following the directions on her post.

Big hugs, Sarah! And really, you won't be disappointed when you go to her blog...she is very talented. You definitely need to check out her first "try" at a vintage's gorgeous!

So...quit reading and go check out her blog already....


1 comment:

Sarah said...

OK, Now I feel bad I twisted your arm LOL...BUT it's all about the comments and you always comment!!! You are the best Jeanne!