Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Field Trip Today...

  Hi there! I just got home from a kindergarten field trip to...of all places...The Home Depot! The classes were learning about wood and paper and they thought this would be a great opportunity for the kids to see the lumber up close and learn a bit more about it and safety. THEN they got to build! Imagine a sea of 5 and 6 year olds in orange aprons, wielding hammers! LOL The weather is gorgeous, if a bit windy, today, so the kids got to do the building part outside...otherwise I might be taking two aspirin and lying down until I have to pick the girls up instead of sharing with you. LOL

I took some pictures as a good scrappy mom should. I can't show too many as there are other people's children in them, but I did focus on Jessica a few times...
 100_5835 100_5836 100_5838 100_5841


I had to point, shoot, and hope the pictures didn't come out blurry...it was pretty bright outside. LOL

Jessica would only let me hold the nails in place while she started hammering, other than that...I wasn't allowed to help. She informed me...I really like hammering, Mom. I love it! And nope, she didn't smash any of my fingers. Yea!

At the end, while the kids were waiting for the bus to come around there was that sea of orange because the kids got kid-size aprons to keep in addition to their project. I got some cute group shots (but can't share, sorry). The employees taught them the Home Depot cheer. Hit it hard, hit it hard....waaaaaaayyyyy hard. No that wasn't it...(that's the one I made up-hee, hee) It went...Give me an H...Give me an O...Give me an M....give me an E....I don't need to continue, right? You can pretty much guess what the rest of the cheer was.

Fun stuff, I tell ya! And today is also Amy's Brownie meeting, so I'll get to hang out with more kids! Whooo hooooo!

Just thought I'd share so you know why I don't have anything crafty for ya....

Have a good one!



Kathi Carlson said...

Looks like you have subject matter for a pink/orange layout. What fun! Seeing Jessica without a jacket leaves me to believe your weather has turned around significantly. Change comes much slower in the tundra, although, unless he changes his mind, the weatherman is predicting the mid-40's for the weekend. Yippee! Hope you enjoy the Brownie meeting, too.

Sarah said...

WOW I would LOVE to go to HD for a Field trip!!! But the hammers and nails and Kindergartners would kind of freak me out. Too funny they got to keep their aprons!
Great pics!

Jackie said...

Oh how fun for them to get to build with real hammers and nails...and an apron to boot :)