Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jessica's Butterfly...

Hi there!

Remember all that snow I showed you yesterday? All gone! It stopped snowing mid morning and then it warmed up and all of it melted. If we are going to get snow in April, that's the type of snow I like!

This morning I was making a quick card for the cupcake and Jessica saw my Basic Grey Butterfly on my desk. She asked if she could have a copy of it. I had already stamped it and gave it to her. She was excited to color it with her colored pencils. She did a great job...I believe she is a budding arteest...LOL
100_6004 100_6006

And you may notice, she's wearing her butterfly shirt today. It's the one that fills in with color once you are out in the sun. We're twins today as I put my butterfly shirt on, too.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jeanne and Jessica


Alanna said...

Tell Jessica that she did an awesome job. I love the big grin she has on her face holding her creation.

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh Jessica you are so sweet, and so is your butterfly, awesome job hon!!!

Kathi Carlson said...

Great job, Jessica! I love the colors you chose. They're perfect! Your butterfly is almost as pretty as your smile! And Mom, I think you're right about the budding artist. You'd best keep at it yourself, or she'll be showing you up one of these days!

Sarah said...

She is SO gorgeous! Her butterfly is great and I love her background too.
My girls just BEG to have stamped images to color in lol. I give them all my practice runs on scraps. They Love the Anya's esp.
Then they start asking for Mom's Copics and glitter pens to color with....ummmm no .
I need to find me a butterfly shirt that colors in the sun!!!!

stampmonkey said...

Oh, Jessica looks so proud (and so cute!). She did a beautiful job of coloring in her butterfly, and I like how she did the background two-toned for the grass and sky. You're raisin' her right, Jeanne! ;)

Barb said...

How sweet is this? Beautiful job, Jessica. Great colors! TFS

mE said...

Way to go Jess!!!! Great job on the butterfly :)



Kim Burmeister said...

That is the best snow to get. I couldn't believe you got that much so late in the spring.

You have a budding artist. She is going to be like her mom.

Carol said...

Jessica has done a wonderful job on her butterfly and I love her big smile.

The t-shirts sound really cool!

Kariberry said...

Tell her nice job on the butterfly! What an adorable little girl! My boys love to color stamped images..esp Micah {7} :)

Thank you for your kind words it means alot!

-Julie said...

That is a very pretty picture! Where did you get the cool shirt?!