Saturday, April 4, 2009

Partially Finished Project...The Tote...

Happy Saturday! I thought I'd be reporting just what a big snow dump we had today due to the big, bad blizzard that was due to arrive this morning, but there wasn't any dump at all. Barely a trace of snow! LOL Don't you love it! "They" talk up this big huge storm and don't plan on going out, heck even a couple of airlines canceled flights in anticipation of this storm, and nothing. It IS cold and windy, so if there was snow falling, it'd definitely be flying around. I guess we dodged the bullet this time around.

Because I could, I went out for a good part of today. I did some shopping, but not a lot of finding to be honest. That's was fun anyway. Because of that, I didn't get as much done on my latest project as I'd hoped. I got the tote part done of Becky's Tote-ally Awesome Tote Tutorial and thought I'd share it. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the rest of the project done.

100_5809 100_5808 100_5810 100_5811

The tutorial is VERY easy to follow, I want to say that. Creator error has added extra time in the making of the project. Hint for those of you interested in creating this project...don't use glittered cardstock or cardstock with glitter on it. Why? because it doesn't score well at all. In fact it comes apart really easily. Ask me how I know...LOL This completed tote is my third attempt at creating it. And like I said above, it's NOT due to any problem with the tutorial, but rather problems due to its would be me. Once I decided to go ahead and use solid cardstock for the main part, it went together quickly. I opted to use the glittered cardstock as an embellishment instead.

The glittered flowery cardstock is from DCWV's Nana's Kitchen Stack. I actually bought a 12 x 12 stack!!! (because it was the only size available and it was on sale for 1/2 off, but still-I usually look for the smaller sizes now). I also used a Fiskars border punch called Upper Crest (I think) and really like how it added nice detail to the pockets.

The other thing I think worth mentioning is the clasp/closure. I don't own the SU Designer label punch that was used in the tutorial, so I set out to try to recreate the same look. I cut the cardstock in the size she mentions if you don't have the punch. I looked at the rectangle and the closure and got the idea to punch a 1 1/4 inch circle and trace it on the center of the rectangle. Then I drew a line 1/8th of an inch in on either side of the long sides of the rectangle, going through the circle I traced. I cut along the straight line and curve of the circle. Then I used my concave punch to make the corners. Of course, I covered a lot of it with those flowers, but I felt sort of clever figuring that out. LOL Click on the link above to see the actual punch if you like.

I used CTMH's Clover Meadow cardstock and a bit of ink to sponge the edge of the clasp/closure. The ribbon is from my stash (ie, don't know the manufacturer) I also used my Crop-o-dile and large eyelets as well as a Prima Flower, a CTMH Just Blooms flower and a polka dotted brad from The Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby as well as some acetate. And lots of super sticky tape...can't forget that! LOL

I need to get dinner started so I will close for now. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are have a great day.



Kathi Carlson said...

Here you go again! I LOVE it. The color combination is one of my favorites.I did see this tote and the cards she made and was attracted to it, because the stamp set she used is one I have. Too ambitious for me though. LOL. I did get a picket fence basket made this afternoon, and after scoring cardstock-weight acetate with my paper trimmer, I am finally 100 percent convinced I need a Scor-Pal.It has officially been moved to the top of "the list." I'm glad you had a fun day!

mE said...

This is tote-a-lly COOL! :) I like the little outside pockets!

You're lucky about the snow! We got your blizzard... We woke up to about 5 inches of new snow AGAIN... then it snowed another inch. We went shopping for new work clothes for B (cuz Digis has a diff dress code than the last ocmpany.) By the time we got back home it had all melted except a skiff on my front (north facing) lawn....


You just keep on creating and cheering us snow annoyed folks! :)



mE said...

HI KATHI!! *wave* wave* Looks like we're posting at the exact same time! ROFL!

mE said...

OH Kathi! I have a Scor Pal!!! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Let me see about scoring an account with Scor Pal and I will HOOK U UP! :)


Sarah said...

LOVE it Jeanne!
It looks amazing. love the colors.
I had to call my friends and rave about your bunnies...I still can't get over how amazingly CUTE they are!
We are supposed to get a blizzard tomorrow so we will see!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh my how cool is this, awesome job.

stampmonkey said...

Jeanne, Jeanne, Jeanne --what are we gonna do with you?! You're just a creating machine (making slow pokes like me look bad -lol)!! I am in complete awe at how diverse your talents are, how you seem to know where to find just about anything and everything, how your mind can come up with solutions or work-arounds, and just how truly creative you are! And I especially love that you're sharing it all with us. ;) This tote is VERY cute, and I agree with you that the punch on the pocket edges is a really nice touch! Looking forward to seeing the completed project.

Can't believe you lucked out and the storm missed you! We didn't get anything more yesterday/last night, so it's starting to melt already...which is a good thing. I'm ready for the warmth!

And thanks, too, for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. I always feel so good after reading them.)

Kim Burmeister said...

Jeanne, your projects are totally awesome! This tote is so cute! I agree with Erin...tote-a-lly cool! Good one, Erin.

I love the pockets too!